For their latest installment, Fast FiveThe Fast and the Furious franchise brought back a slew of actors from previous films including Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, and then added a huge action star in the form of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now the next film in the series may expand the family by one more, and no, I’m not talking about Walker and Jordana Brewster‘s unnecessary subplot baby.

A rumor has surfaced that The Transporter star Jason Statham is in very early talks to board the franchise. The same report also suggests that if Statham does sign on, he may be getting to work sooner rather than earlier, as the next two installments in the series (tentatively titled Fast Six and Fast Seven) may shoot back to back throughout next year. More details after the jump.

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Justin Lin is continuing his run with Universal. While the director began his career with the indie Better Luck Tomorrow, but diverted through Annapolis and ended up making the last three films in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Not a bad thing as far as financial stability goes, but it seems like the guy wants to do more.

Sure, he dropped out of remaking Highlander, but that’s probably a good idea. And he’s got a gig lined up directing Fast Six, or whatever it will be called, also probably a good idea from a certain career perspective. But after that? Lin has signed a two-film deal with Universal that will cover FF6 and another film. One of those may be Leading Man, or a WWII film about the 442nd Infantry Regiment, the all-Japanese American regiment that was also the most-decorated WWII unit. Read More »

Director Justin Lin is dropping scoops all over the internet as he talks to press promoting the upcoming Blu-ray release of his $600 million beast, Fast Five. We covered a bunch of them earlier, such as his recent meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron about Terminator 5 and why he turned down Die Hard 5. He also announced that the sixth Fast and the Furious movie, which he’s unofficially calling Fast Six, will be his next project. A big hint as to where that movie might go was hidden in the credits for Fast Five and Lin spoke to Box Office Magazine about it and also revealed that, while shooting Fast Five, he pre-vised and edited together a 12 minute sequence that he plans on being the end of Fast Six. It’s already done. Read his quotes after the jump. Read More »

Sometimes when you watch a filmmaker’s first movie you know exactly what he’s going to be. That’s not the case for Justin Lin. His first film, the fantastic Better Luck Tomorrow, gave almost no indication of just how incredibly massive a director he’d eventually become. After back to back box office smash hits with Fast and Furious and Fast Five, Lin has been given the keys to the kingdom. We know he is planning on doing Fast and Furious 6, is attached to do a new Terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Highlander reboot and and was even on the list to possibly direct Die Hard 5 and The Wolverine.

Lin spoke to The Playlist and gave updates on most of those projects. He’s turned down Die Hard 5, will direct Fast and Furious 6 next (which already has a May 24, 2013 release date) and just had a very productive Terminator 5 meeting with Schwarzenegger and James Cameron. Read Lin’s quotes on all of this after the break. Read More »

So there will be a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, possibly subtitled Cobra Strikes. That naturally led to supposition that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might return as Cobra Commander. Given that most of the characters from the first film are said to be no-shows this time (Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Duke are the returnees) his presence would be welcome.

But now Joseph Gordon-Levitt has put an end to the conversation, saying that he won’t be back, either. So Jon M. Chu will have a pretty clean slate for the sequel — whether that is good or bad I’ll leave up to you, ardent fans of the first. The director has insisted that “we’re really trying to break it down and take the shine off and show that my Joes were the ones in the mud, the sand and the trees and in the epic worldwide adventures” so that could be a good thing. [Collider]

After the break: we knew there would be a sixth film in the Fast and the Furious series, and now it appears that Justin Lin, who directed the third, fourth and fifth movies, will be at the helm of #6, too. Read More »

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Fast Five is still over a week from being released but its writer has not only been hired to write the sixth installment, he’s been given a brand new production deal. Chris Morgan, who wrote Wanted, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast and Furious and Fast Five in addition to the currently in production 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves, just signed a first-look-deal with Universal that’ll keep him writing and developing ideas at the studio for at least two years.

One of the first projects he’ll tackle is Fast and Furious 6, yet another sequel in the successful crime and car franchise. He’s also been rumored to be developing a Terminator movie with his Fast and Furious director Justin Lin as well as the cartoon adaptation Bakugan. After the jump, read some quotes from Morgan about the types of films he hopes to make. Read More »