“How did we end up in Steve Brill’s mind?”

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Alright, I’m not going to cough up everything that’s going on with Fanboys at The Weinstein Co. because you don’t need to even know what Fanboys is to enjoy these idiotic, foul-mouthed, hilarious, pathetic email fights below. They’re between actual fanboys who are angry over the film being reshot and released without a cancer boy subplot and the director responsible for said reshoots and untold evils against humanity, Steve Heavyweights, Little Nicky, Without a PaddleBrill. Yes, these are real. Slashfilm has personally felt the wrath of this chief in the past. If you are wondering, Brill is 45. Let’s get to it. Ding Ding!


Fanboy Says:

Sent: Feb 23, 2008 5:25 PM
Subject: You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’

You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’
You really do.

Steve Brill Replies:

From: [redacted]

Subject: Re: You suck for re-cutting ‘fanboys’

U suck for e mailing me your bullshit whining. U r gonna like fanboys better because of me and then u can kiss my ass

FANBOY #2 VS. STEVE BRILL (My Personal Fave)

Fanboy Says:

Dear Mr. Brill,

I had contacted my theatres booking agent when I first heard about “Fanboys. ” I thought it would be an uplifting and funny change of pace for our theatres.

Now, I realize that it will be the same cut and dried mainstream junk that has been habitually littering our auditoriums.

I am going to contact my booker and suggest that as a company, we do not pick up this film for presentation. You have ruined a wonderful concept.


Steve Brill Replies:

From: [redacted]

No. Please god. No Chris… please no. Don’t wield your power against us. I was just trying to help. Please Christopher don’t hold it against the movie. We’ll do anything to gain your trust. You seem so important and so knowledgeable, obviously you have formed a real considered opinion and the fact that you will not book us into your theatre is so unfair. I implore you sir please reconsider. Direct your wrath at me, but don’t take it out on the movie….. What can we do to appease you Chris? You dumb cunt. E mail me again and I will hunt you down fucker… try me.


Fanboy Says:

You’re involved with Fanboys for nothing more than a quick buck. You don’t give a damn about the movie, Star Wars or its fans, so why the fuck did you agree to the job? Do you sleep comfortably at night knowing that you’ve bastardised a film that has the potential to become a cult classic for years on end into a movie which will be forgotten about in less than 6 weeks.

Little Nicky was okay, the rest sucked.

Once more, fuck you!

Steve Brill Replies:

From: [redacted]

Hey Owen. You’re kind of a big mouth tough guy over the internet. Wanna come say fuck you to my face? I’d be happy to give you the chance. How about this tough guy. You and I go head to head in a Star Wars Trivia contest. You think I don’t care about the wars fucker? I know more about it than you can imagine. I care deeply and have been immersed in Star Wars since it came out. I was there jerk off. I still have my stub. I have seen the trilogy probably a hundred times in the theater! And you dare question my caring. You think I would do it for the money!? I did it to get the movie released! So people like you could see it. But come on. Let’s prove who cares more. Five thousand dollars to the winner of a trivia contest. I’ll donate my winnings to the American Cancer Society…So get ready big shot… If you e mail me again, you better be ready to lose that five thousand.

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Earlier today we wrote about how Star Wars fanboys were planning on boycotting The Weinstein Co’s Superhero Movie due to the way the company is handling the release of Fanboys. I just received a press release from The Weinstein Co, announcing that they would be releasing both cuts of the film on DVD “with the Company exploring options for its theatrical release.” But I’m calling bullshit… this press release is well designed corporate spin, which gives the impression that the Fanboys have won, when in fact, this is not a win. The press release reads:

“Star War fans nationwide have built a multi-tiered grassroots effort to voice their strong support for one of the earlier versions of the film, including a campaign which generated over 300,000 emails in support for the film.  Based on the tremendous feedback and interest from the fans, today’s announcement will ensure both versions will be equally available within the marketplace.”

Sounds like a win, right? Nope, read further. A quote from Matthew Frankel, Chief Communications Officer, The Weinstein Company is also included:

“Over the last few weeks we have received a tremendous amount of input from Star Wars fans nationwide. While the later version tested very well with audiences, the grassroots support we have received for the first version simply cannot be ignored.  We are very excited to launch these two films and look forward to giving the fans the opportunity to see both versions.”

Yeah, but not theatrically. The Weinstein Co still claims that the new cut “tested very well with audiences” yet everyone I’ve talked that has seen both cuts disagrees. Rumors had circulated the web that TWC hired plants to be in the audience for said test screening, however, this has never been confirmed.

I think Star Wars fans expected that both cuts of the film would be included on the eventual DVD. The fight was to get the first (and what I’ve heard, better) cut distributed theatrical, instead of the Steve Brill (Little Nicky, Drillbit Taylor) edit which completely ignores the Cancer storyline. I hope that Star Wars fanboys will continue to fight, and not let The Weinstein Co to spin this obvious non-victory to the mainstream press.  We must stop Darth Weinstein!

Stop Darth Weinstein

Star Wars fans are still very angry over The Weinstein Co’s horrible handling of Fanboys. Their movement has gained a bunch of mainstream press, including the New York Post, the Daily Telegraph, Vanity Fair, and thousands of websites. The group is now organizing Stop Darth Weinstein Protests in New York and Los Angeles on March 28th, outside two prominent movie theaters where Superhero Movie will be opening. Fore more information, click this link. Also check out this animated short film they made, which features Darth Weinstein in his Death Star company office, after the jump.

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Release Date Change: AVP2 to challenge Cloverfield

Alien vs. Predator: Requiem

Update: I just heard back from Fox. Apparently the release change will only effect the international release of the film. AvsP2 will still hit theaters in the United States on December 25th 2007.

Don’t get too excited for that red band trailer for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, because the film has just been bumped back to January 18th, 2008. That’s right, you’re going to have to wait a few weeks longer for the AvsP fix. The sequel was originaly slated to hit theaters on December 25th, up against Charlie Wilson’s War, The Great Debators and The Water Horse, but more importantly Sweeney Todd, National Treasure 2 and Walk Hard, all of which open the previous Friday (December 21st). So you can see why they made the move.

But pitting AvsP2 up against the much hyped JJ Abrams produced top secret monster flick Cloverfield, doesn’t seem like the best idea for everyone involved. And besides, isn’t Fanboys coming out the same weekend too? Three geek targeted flicks in one weekend feels a little bit overcrowded to me.

Fanboys Delayed Until January 2008

FanboysBad news for the Star Wars fans, the much anticipated Kyle Newman road trip comedy Fanboys has been delayed, yes – again. published the following letter from the director:

“Fanboys has been delayed. As a Star Wars fan, I am devastated. Fanboys is the love letter to the greatest movie franchise of all time. And this year marks the 30th Anniversary. I wanted the film to be my gift back to Star Wars and to the fan community. But ultimately the shift in release will be a good thing for the movie. We made Fanboys for under five million dollars. And the studio has given us the go-ahead to do the things to it that we couldnt do with our initial limited schedule and budget. There are one or two hilarious things that I wanted to shoot and they are giving me the funds to do it. Which is great!!! As a filmmaker, it’s not often someone says — here’s more money – what else do you want to do? But that’s the situation we are in. Unfortunately, I dont get the actors back together for four months! (The one drawback to having such a hot young cast at the top of their game.) But rest assured fans won’t escape Fanboys this year. We kick it off with our presence at Celebration IV in a big way (sneak-peaking scenes, releasing our prequel comic book and teaser poster)… then we will heat things up at the San Diego Comic-Con in July. And from there we just keep building toward January. I am so excited to unleash this movie. It’s going to be huge!”

Kevin Smith did NOT direct/delay Fanboys

Kevin SmithLast week we relayed a quote from Fanboys star Chris Marquette, who claimed that the film had been delayed due to sound effects rights and a cameo from Clerks director Kevin Smith.

“Kevin Smith had seen it, and [he] came in and was like, ‘Oh, man. I love it.’ So they let him write and direct one of his own scenes in it. So they added that in,” co star Chris Marquette revealed. He went on to also blame George Lucas for the film’s delay.

We were extremely excited to receive an e-mail from Kevin Smith, who added a little needed clarification.

“That’s not exactly true.  Scott Mosier, my longtime producer, was brought in to reedit the flick.  Based on his involvement, I jumped in for a quick cameo during a re-shoot day that’d been scheduled long before I’d ever seen the flick.  While I did write the scene, I didn’t direct it,” Smith wrote. “The flick’s good – I don’t wanna give the impression it’s not.”

“I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get credit I didn’t deserve, as far as directing my scene; that was Scott Mosier (as Kyle [Newman], the director of the flick, was busy on the Revenge of the Nerds remake during the Fanboys pick-ups).  I only got the chance to be in the flick because Harvey Weinstein asked me to do the cameo during the pick-ups re-shoot.”

So there you have it, direct from the Kevin Smith’s keyboard.

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Why Fanboys was Delayed

FanboysI’ve been waiting to see Fanboys for quite some time now (although, not nearly as long as I’ve been awaiting Patrick Read Johnson’s 5-25-77). SciFi has found out why we’ve been waiting so long. As it turns out, the film was delayed to add a cameo with Clerks filmmaker Kevin Smith and to obtain rights for the original Star Wars sound effects. As it turns out, George Lucas saw an early cut of the film and approved the use of the sounds.

“Kevin Smith had seen it, and [he] came in and was like, ‘Oh, man. I love it.’ So they let him write and direct one of his own scenes in it. So they added that in,” co star Chris Marquette revealed.

Fanyboys follows the cross-country journey of four friends to Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, to fulfill a friend’s last dying wish to see Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace before he dies. If you haven’t yet seen it, check out the trailer after the jump. However, I’ve been told that the film is much better than the preview.

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