One of the most popular films at Sundance this year has been the Australian horror picture The Babadook. Not necessarily in the sense that everyone here has seen it, but I haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t like the film, and most people seem to be as big a fan of it as I was. (Read my review here.)

The Babadook follows a young widow and her son, and looks in on the pair as the boy is starting to have some serious psychological issues. Those problems are complicated by the discovery of a mysterious storybook in their house — a book which seems to threaten violence and horror for the family. Check out a trailer below. Read More »


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The Babadook is the best possession movie in years, a vigorous and very intense horror film about a family on the edge of sanity. This isn’t a gore showcase, but a wild emotional roller coaster. (If you need a tonal touchstone, go to Polanski films such as Repulsion and The Tenant.) There is a monster of sorts, but the movie would almost be just fine without him — the actors put each other through hell and writer/director Jennifer Kent drops us right in there with them. Read More »

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