Nationwide, Juggalos are already boycotting in parking lots, in addition to breeding. Eminem, the 37-year-old adolescent rapper, will follow up his $116 million grossing fictionalized biopic, 8 Mile, from 2002 with a 3D anthology horror movie horrifically entitled Shady Talez. The project has kicked around for a while, and is now part of a synergy package that includes a same-named four-issue comic book series due 2010 from Marvel Icons. The above image comes from that. Slim Shady will produce and star in multiple roles in the film, which will give an “urban wink” to genre classics such “as Christine, Aliens, and The Lost Boys in the style of George Romero’s Creepshow. What, no characteristic ode to Irreversible or Twisted Nerve?

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Eminem in Funny People

Eminem revealed last month that he filmed a cameo in Judd Apatow‘s Funny People. Now MTV has confirmed the appearance, publishing the first photo of Marshall Mathers in the movie, chatting with Adam Sandler at a Hollywood restaurant.

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VOTD: Bruno Tea-bags Eminem at MTV Awards

Buno Eminem MTV Movie Awards

The one big controversial moment of this year’s MTV Movie Awards involved Sacha Baron Cohen in character as Bruno dressed as an angel flying above the crowd. The scene was reminiscent of Howard Stern’s infamous appearance as Fartman. But when the wires got tangled, Bruno fell down into the crowd, tea-bagging Eminem in the process. The rapper stormed out after getting an extreme closeup of Cohen’s inner buttocks. I wonder if this scene will be inserted into Cohen’s upcoming Borat follow-up? Watch the clip embedded after the jump.
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