Dragonball Teaser Poster

Photo Removed at Request from Fox

Update: /Film reader Jim S sent me the above photo of the American version of the teaser poster. So it appears it is real after all.

The photo below has begun to circulate the message boards, claiming to be the Japanese poster for 20th Century Fox’s upcoming live action big screen adaptation of Dragonball. But who knows, it could be an elaborate fan creation. I know there is enough of a fanbase looking forward to this movie, so I thought I’d share it.

Photo Removed at Request from Fox

According to dbthemovie, the poster translates into:

“Legend becomes reality
March 2009

Dragonball hits theaters in the states on April 8th 2009.

First Look: Dragonball

Removed at the Request of Fox

JoBlo was able to uncover some photos from Fox’s big screen adaptation of Dragonball. I’m not sure if these are official or not, and if not, they might not be up for long (hey, it’s Fox after all). So check out some of the better photos below while you have the chance, and tell me what you think in the comments. It seems like a lot of fans are expressing disappointment on the various message boards, but that’s almost always the case with a big screen adaptation.

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Dragonball Set Photo

Photo Removed at Request From Fox Legal

Troy Mustang snapped this photo of one of the Mexican film sets for 20th Century Fox’s big screen live action adaptation of Dragonball. As always, click to enlarge. Not sure what the scene involves, but the photo is pretty cool. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on April 3rd 2009.

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Dragonball Moves to 2009


Dragonball Z fans who were hoping to get some big screen live-action love this Summer will have to wait just a little longer. Actually, they’re going to have to wait until next year. Fox has decided to move James Wong’s Dragonball from it’s announced August 15th 2008 release to April 3rd 2009.

I’m guessing that Fox wanted to escape the already stuffed August weekend where the film would have gone head to head with Paramount’s Ben Stiller comedy Tropic Thunder, George Lucas’ Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the Emma Roberts comedy Wild Child. Dragonball is the first film to claim the April 2009 date.

art by Pending-Destruction

Emmy Rossum has posted a new update from the sand dunes set of Dragonball (the big screen live action Dragonball-Z movie). Rossum describes the set located outside Dunas de Bilbao as “a sand dune desert.”

“I’ve been riding the motorcycle in 4-foot sand drifts since sunrise to get the shot just right. The wonderful, kind and talented Chow Yun Fat is hanging on for dear life in back. We’ve been doing about 40mph, and over bumpy sand dunes that is enough to make anyone a little queasey. Chow is so kind, so calm and a bit of a prankster (which I love!) and he hasn’t complained once. The sand is pretty deep here, and we’ve had to dig the bike out a few times when it has stalled in the drifts, but the crew and stunt guys and girls are so helpful.”

“I’m really enjoying getting to know Joon Park. I’m not allowed to spill any secrets, but our characters interact a lot in the film. If you don’t know a lot about Joon, in addition to being an actor, he has a massively successful band in Korea (he writes a lot of the music) and is also a great dancer. Not only is Joon very cute and extremely charming, he’s gracious and very down to Earth. We’ve been trading music, giving each other some of our favorite stuff – he happens to love classic rock. Because everyone’s taste in music is so personal, I’ve found music a very good way to get to know someone.”

Rossum also talks about feeding the desert rabbits (yes, there are such a thing) with “lettuce, greens, and chayote” from craft service. You can read her full blog post on MySpace.

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Emmy Rossum talks Dragonball

Dragonball star Emmy Rossum talks about training and filming with Chow Yun Fat in her latest blog entry:

“Sorry I’ve been rather quiet for a bit, I’ve been working on a very exciting new film that I’m shooting outside the US. I’m working with the great Chow Yun Fat and I’m very excited about the role, which is so different than any role I’ve ever played. I love the character and I’m excited to get to share something so fun with you. In prep for the film I’ve been training very hard, learning how to fight, fire a gun, weapons training and even some martial arts. It’s fun to play such a different character when I am such a pacifist in real life. Speaking of pacifisim and peace, I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday and New Year.”

In Dragonball, Rossum plays Bulma, an inventor/scientist whose father’s Dragon Ball is stolen by Piccolo. James Wong’s live action adaptation of the popular anime series also stars Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jaimie Chungand Joon Park. Dragonball will hit theaters on August 15th 2008.