Doctor Who is legendary as a long-running sci-fi series, and the show has all the convoluted continuity you’d expect from a show about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. That special day will be commemorated next week with a new special episode, called The Day of the Doctor. But it is preceded today by The Night of the Doctor, a six-minute short that sets up a very important part of the storyline.

Even if you don’t know Doctor Who this is a neat short. If you do know the show — I mean if you really know and follow the series, going back years — this will act as total continuity porn, because it ties up a long-running mystery embedded between incarnations of the series. Watch it below, and stick around for a thorough explanation of just what the hell is going on here. Read More »

Eleven Doctors

If you think the 26th season of The Simpsons is a big deal as far as long-running TV goes (and, sure, it is) consider the fact that next month will see the 50th anniversary of the BBC series Doctor Who. Sure, the show hasn’t run for fifty continuous years, but it has been quite popular during most of the years it aired on television, and is now more popular than ever before.

That 50th anniversary will be celebrated with a special show, Day of the Doctor, which airs on November 23. Below, you can see a teaser for the episode, with the most recent Doctor, Matt Smith, providing a great voice-over intro to the episode as the images fly through decades of Who history, giving major (and some unfortunately minor) nods to all the eleven major incarnations of the character.   Read More »


Doctor Who fans can have a great weekend, thanks to the release of nine old episodes thought lost forever.

Most people probably know that huge chunks of film history have disappeared forever, but even more television has been lost. There wasn’t always the thought that TV should be preserved, and some shows were lost when tapes were reused in budget-saving measures.

Among the lost treasures are almost 100 episodes of the BBC series Doctor Who. Chunks of the show’s early seasons were taped over by the Beeb in the ’70s, or allowed to deteriorate in storage. Some episodes survived, and others have been pieced together from various sources: audio recorded by fans, 8mm footage of TV broadcasts, stage notes, and set photos. But there have been big parts of the Doctor’s history that no one has seen since the original broadcasts.

About a week ago the BBC started to confirm that some lost episodes had been found in Nigeria. (The best, if most unpredictable method for fully recovering lost episodes has been to trace tape or film transfers created to send the show to foreign territories.) Now we have confirmation that nine episodes are available for the first time in decades. Better yet, they can all be seen right now. Read More »

Doctor Who Seven

Briefly: It’s elementary, dear streaming TV watcher. The more high quality, in-demand on-demand content you have on your platform, the better your market share will be. Hulu Plus has just signed a deal that should help them considerably. Users can now stream new and old popular BBC series, including Doctor Who, Sherlock, Luther, Top Gear, Torchwood as well as Fawlty Towers, BlackadderLife in the… and others. Read More »


The long-running BBC series Doctor Who just named the twelfth person to play the title character: Peter Capaldi. The actor is a great many things: rakishly charming, savagely funny, frighteningly intense, and Scottish. He’s also white and male, which isn’t quite what some fans of the show hoped for.

Since the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, announced his departure, there were hopes among parts of the Who fandom that the show would turn towards an actor of color, or (gasp!) a woman to lead the show. After all, the actor changes are explained in-show through the Doctor’s ability to regenerate into a new body, and there’s no reason he has to be a white guy. The audience for the show has expanded exponentially in the last few years, and a non-white or female choice could both enrich the series and draw in even more viewers.

Maybe this won’t be great for Capaldi — no one wants to hear they weren’t first choice — but Neil Gaiman, who has written for the show, says a black actor was approached to be the Doctor, but turned down the role. Read More »

The New ‘Doctor Who’ Is…

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who

On an elaborate worldwide broadcast Sunday, actor Peter Capaldi was revealed to be the new Doctor Who. The role was vacated earlier this year when the 11th doctor, Matt Smith, decided to leave after three seasons. Doctor Who, which follows an alien Time Lord who has the ability to travel across space and time, has exploded in popularity over the past decade and celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Capaldi is best known in the United States for his roles in In the Loop and this summer’s World War Z (as a “W.H.O Doctor,” oddly enough). He’ll next appear in The Fifth Estate, Disney’s Maleficent and is the 12th actor to play the iconic BBC role. Filming on the new Who episodes starts this Fall. Read the full press release below. Read More »

Comic Con is too large of an event for celebrities to actually walk the show floor, but that doesn’t stop some of them from trying. Justin Timberlake once walked Comic-Con dressed as a ‘Sesame Street’ character years ago. Many other actors have famously thrown on a Stormtrooper helmet and walked the show floor with just a half-assed cosplay presentation — so if you ever see someone who just threw on a mask and it looks like they didn’t try hard enough, ask yourself which actor might possibly be hiding in plain sight. Michael Cera just threw on a fierce-looking Gorilla mask one year.

This year, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, Doctor Who‘s eleventh doctor Matt Smith and The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman are among the actors we know who donned a disguise and walked the show floor this year. After the jump you can see how they did it.

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Breaking Bad final season image

Continuing the new tradition of San Diego Comic-Con, on the final day the movie studios move out and the TV shows move in. Even though 2013 sees several major TV shows with panels earlier in the convention, the Sunday schedule has the bulk of the TV panels. The big one is Breaking Bad, which will make its final appearance at the convention on the eve of the series finale. There’s also a 50th anniversary panel on Doctor Who, Community, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, Under the Dome, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and more.

Check out some highlights below. Read More »


There’s been a lot of talk about Doctor Who in the past week. The eleventh actor to play the title role, Matt Smith, announced that he would be leaving the show after this year’s upcoming Christmas Special. Smith is the third actor to play the Doctor since the show was revived by the BBC in 2005. Christopher Eccleston played the Doctor for revival’s first season; he was followed by David Tennant. Eccleston was well-established before taking the role, while both Tennant and Smith found the Doctor to be a career-making gig.

But who’ll follow Smith? Hopes have been aired that a female or black actor would become the next incarnation of the time lord. Now, however, it looks like the BBC might stick to tradition. The Guardian reports that Rory Kinnear, recently seen in Skyfall, has been offered the role.  Read More »

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