Phase Two of Marvel’s Cinematic Unvierse gets underway this spring with Iron Man 3, but Marvel Studios didn’t get where it was by looking only at the short term. So Kevin Feige is already looking to Phase Three, which will kick off after The Avengers 2 is released in 2015. The only film confirmed so far for that next step has been Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man, but Feige revealed in a recent interview that a Doctor Strange film would “definitely” also be part of it. Read his comments about both films after the jump.

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After The Avengers hit theaters, I had the idea to record a short discussion about the potential future and possibilites for the Marvel movie universe. I consider myself a comic book reader and have a couple shelves of graphic novels to prove it. But I’ve found that know very little about the Marvel universe besides the origin stories and the more acclaimed story arcs of many of our heroes.

Infinity Gauntlet? Thanos? Guardians of the Galaxy? I obviously needed someone who had a better background in the mythology of the Marvel comic universe. So I invited Jeff Cannata, best known as a host on the popculture video web series The Totally Rad Show. I also invited /Film’s own Germain Lussier to the table as he puts together the daily Superhero Bits feature round-up, and knows a lot about the rumors and what has been said or leaked publicly.

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Marvel’s Phase Two is coming together. That was the message presented at New York Comic-Con this past weekend as Marvel President Kevin Feige was on hand to promote next summer’s The Avengers. Of course, he was also bombarded with questions about what’s happening after that. Among the revelations were that the first post-Avengers movie, Iron Man 3, is the beginning of a new phase that will ultimately lead to The Avengers 2 and that film will likely feature a new team. Doctor Strange could factor into that plan and the Hulk TV show might even link up. It’s all explained after the jump along with the full Avengers panel for your viewing pleasure. Read More »

Marvel’s post-Avengers plans have been a point of contention for sometime. Obviously, they’re planning on continuing with their already successful characters in Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 and a last week Kevin Feige revealed that Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans were all in various stages of development. Where does that leave Doctor Strange?

Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer were hired to write a script in 2010 and, reportedly, it was completed and turned into Marvel a few months ago. Now, just like what happened with the new James Bond film, a clue has been uncovered that Marvel is indeed moving forward with the film. Domains have been registered. Read more after the jump. Read More »

We’ve talked a bit recently about the fact that Marvel Studios’ post-Iron Man 3 plans have been unknown to the general public. We’ve known that Thor 2 is a 2013 release, and the news late last week that Brian Kirk is likely to direct Thor 2 helped solidify Marvel’s slate a bit. And now Disney has staked out two mystery Marvel movie release dates for 2014. As it planted those flags, Disney also claimed another 2014 date for a new Pixar film. A few more details, and some speculation, are after the break. Read More »

Doctor Strange is a comic book property that has seemingly been high on Marvel’s list of possible projects for a couple years. The character, an arrogant surgeon injured in an accident who becomes the guardian of the spiritual side of the Marvel Universe, has been teased on lists of possible projects, and last summer Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer were hired to script. Just over a year after that hire, it’s time for asmall update: a script draft has reportedly been turned in to Marvel, which is proceeding with development. Read More »

Briefly: This one is pretty insubstantial, so I’m not going to ask too much of you. We know that Marvel is interested in making a film starring Doctor Strange, aka the ‘sorcerer supreme’ of the Marvel superhero universe. And we know that it’ll be one of the first Disney / Marvel films.  But we don’t know much more. Now comic artist Brendan McCarthy says that during a meeting at Disney earlier this year, “the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Doctor Strange movie… Now, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Yeah, it would be nice, but probably not very realistic. Actually, Pixar making Doctor Strange might be fantastic, but I’d expect that more context about this conversation will reveal it to have been pipe dream stuff more than anything else. Unless this has been secretly in development (possible, if unlikely) then it would be years before the film could be released. Enjoy your visions of a Pixar animated Doctor Strange for now, but don’t actually get any hopes up. [DigitalSpy]


Here’s a Marvel post that isn’t based on rumor or innuendo: we know that Marvel has plans for movies beyond The Avengers, but right now they’re pretty opaque. Ant Man has long been a possibility, but we know little about that, and there have been plenty of Doctor Strange stories, with screenwriters even hired. Now Marvel’s Kevin Feige is on camera talking about characters that he’s considered for screen treatment, and they include expected second-stringers Iron Fist and Black Panther. Read More »

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