District 9 Weapon

Sony Pictures has provided us with an exclusive clip from the DVD/Blu-ray release of District 9, giving us a look into what was involved in designing the prop alien guns used in the film. Watch the clip after the jump, along with a gallery of a few pieces of alien weaponry concept art created for the film.

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Is the Hollywood Movie Star Dead?

Land of the Lost

A Reuters piece that’s been making the rounds this weekend speculates that Hollywood may be thinking twice about banking on A-list celebrities in the future. The piece points to recent low-budget and star-free fare like The Hangover, District 9, and Paranormal Activity that each went on to be wildly successful, and contrasts them with big-budget, star-studded flops like A Christmas Carol, Land of the Lost, and Funny People. The overall lesson seems to be that star-power doesn’t have nearly the draw that it used to, and that budgets aren’t much of a factor for audiences either.

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Nigerian Information Minister Bans District 9

District 9

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, seeing as one of the loudest criticisms of District 9 was that it portrayed Nigerians unfairly by depicting them as cannibalistic gangsters. Now the Nigerian Information Minister has requested that all Nigerian cinemas stop showing the film, confiscate all copies and potentially remove offending scenes, and has written to Sony asking for an ‘unconditional apology’. Read More »


Steve (from Collider) and I had a plan. Over the weekend we came up with a bunch of subjects we wanted to talk about and we had every intention of recording a video blog Monday afternoon. But…Disney and Marvel made us alter our plans. Due to their $4 Billion dollar merger, we spent Monday talking about what the merger meant and what cool stuff might happen as a result of it.

But now we’re back on point and it’s time for our new video blog that covers a lot of subjects. In part one of our two part conversation, Steve and I talk about whether or not director Neill Blomkamp should do a sequel to Distrcit 9 or make a new, original movie. We then debate if Pixar/Disney releasing the Toy Story as a double feature is a mistake, or if it’s still going to make a ton of money despite the 3 hour running time. Finally, we talk about Spider-Man 4,5, and 6 and what we think Sony is going to do with the franchise. Take a look after the jump.

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Tom Cruise and Peter Jackson Take a Meeting


The occasional “take a meeting’ report pops up, and the story is always the same. Movie player A sits down with movie player B in what we assume is some official manner, none of us onlookers really knows why they’re meeting and therefore, wild speculation ensues. They’re interesting stories, I think, and not because a number of them later translate into something more concrete but because a good deal of them don’t. It’s like a tiny tear has opened in space-time and we’ve caught a glimpse at a never-was bizzaro world, a collaboration that never happened.

Movie player A in this case is Tom Cruise and B is Peter Jackson. Is there really nothing else we know about why they might be meeting? Well… not quite nothing.

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Did District 9 Steal Avatar’s Thunder?


For sci-fi nerds (like me!) 2009 was promised as the year. It’s when James Cameron would finally resurface from the deep, bringing with him a new narrative feature. Not just a feature; Avatar intends to be a window into another culture, and another world. It will create a new alien race that is believably realistic, and show how one human hero faces difficult decisions as he navigates the conflict between humans and aliens.

And for sci-fi nerds, 2009 is the year. First, Duncan Jones brought the lovely, unsettling Moon to theatres. Then, along comes District 9. With a fraction of Avatar‘s budget, Neill Blomkamp manages to accomplish much of what Cameron’s film aims for. Based on what I’ve seen of Avatar so far (the 24-odd minutes shown at Comic Con and the teaser trailer) I’m led to wonder if District 9 might not do it better. Did District 9 steal Avatar‘s thunder?

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District 9 PosterIn this week’s /Filmcast, Dave Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley get flummoxed by Bryan Singer’s decision to reboot Battlestar Galactica, discuss some recent Avatar news, assess the greatness of Ponyo, and try to make sense of some fascinating Superman IP law. Special guest Kyle Newman, the director of Fanboys and the upcoming Emo Boy, joins us for this episode. Also, a surprise visitor drops by to tell us her thoughts on District 9.

You can always e-mail us at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or call and leave a voicemail at 781-583-1993. Join us next Monday at 9 PM EST / 6 PM PST at Slashfilm’s live page as we review Inglourious Basterds.

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Editor’s Note: Director Neill Blomkamp also told EW, “I would do anything to go back to the world of District 9 again. Or District 10.”

Promoting District 9 last week, Neill Blomkamp gave an interview to Fangoria Radio and the key quotes are now up on the main Fangoria site. Besides doing their duties as gorehounds and asking the director if he’d like to make a straight-up horror film (he said he would!) they also discussed the inevitable: a sequel to his surprise-success alien apartheid satire.

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District 9 – What Did You Think?

District 9

After months of build-up and viral marketing, District 9 has finally been unleashed in theaters nationwide. We might never get to see Neill Blomkamp‘s adaptation of Halo, but we might have gotten something even better in the end. You’ve already heard my thoughts on the film from Comic-Con, and it has been growing on me the more and more I think back to it. I plan to catch it at the movie theater a second time this weekend. But enough about me, what did you think? Can you believe they made this movie for only $30-$35 million? What did you think of the alien weaponry? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below?

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