Most of DC Entertainment, the newly reorganized company that is comprised of a large multimedia division and the DC Comics publishing enterprise, is being moved from New York to Burbank, in the Los Angeles area. There’s a lot of musing about what this really means for the future of DC Comics and the related properties lodged at Warner Bros. Read More »


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Superman Action Comics

With Warner Bros. restructuring DC into a new corporate entity called DC Entertainment, you’d think that one of the venerable comic book publisher’s two signature superheros would be first in line (or near the head of the queue) for another movie treatment. Given that there’s a ticking clock hanging over that same character’s film future at Warner Bros., one would expect even more urgent movement. Not so, says DCE president Diane Nelson. Read More »


The new structure of DC Entertainment is one that promises good things for future movies based on DC titles. DCE president Diane Nelson has been one of the forces behind the direct to DVD label that has seen some great screen translations of classic DC characters. (The recent Green Lantern animation, for example, will be a standard against which the upcoming live-action film is judged.) And by calling back characters from producers that have done nothing with them (hello Joel Silver and Wonder Woman) we might actually see some forward momentum. Now Nelson has commented, vaguely, on her plans and possible approach. Read More »