The other day there was news that Disney’s Demi Lovato (Camp Rock) was “up for a role” in The Avengers. Not “cast in a role,” mind you, but in contention for one. Well, Marvel Studios and the reps for the actress have all said, nope, not happening. (There’s a little issue with rehab for the girl right now, if nothing else.) But in a THR report that debunks the casting rumor, the trade does say that it has heard Marvel is looking for another actress to add to the lineup which currently features an overload of male roles. Read More »


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Rumors never sleep. Doesn’t matter that we’ve just come through the Christmas holiday, that most of LA is still asleep to gather strength for New Year’s Eve, and that the Eastern seaboard is under a couple feet of snow. There are possible news tidbits floating around about The Avengers and X-Men: First Class. The X-Men stuff is possibly spoilerish, so it’s after the break.

The most non-spoilerish bit is the not quite reliable news that Disney star Demi Lovato (Camp Rock) is up for a role in The Avengers. Make of that what you will, but since we know most of the major roles, if anything happens it would likely be for a relatively small part. Also: feel free to grumble about Disney / Marvel co-pollination conspiracy theories in the comments. [RadarOnline]

A recurring rumor from The Avengers and possibly spoilerish news about X-Men: First Class follow after the break. Read More »