Deadpool Apologizes to David Beckham

The marketing blitz for Deadpool 2 is in full swing. In case you didn’t hear, there will be fan screenings of the sequel next week in major cities all over the country (and pretty much all the tickets are already gone). But besides that, Deadpool 2 is going on a major promotional tour across the world, and they’re really pushing the European leg of the trip.

Two new Deadpool 2 promotional videos have emerged online, each geared towards our friends in Europe. One features the Merc with a Mouth apologizing for the joke made at the expense of soccer star David Beckham while the other has Red calling out Europe for hanging Canada out to dry. They’re both quite amusing and feature Ryan Reynolds giving maximum effort. Read More »

Iron Man #1 Armor

Who the hell stole an Iron Man armor suit prop from a secret warehouse? Are you interested in an animated LEGO Aquaman movie? Do the Russo brothers have any idea when a trailer for Avengers 4 will arrive? How do you beat Thanos on the Infinity War expansion for Fortnite? Want to make some Infinity Stone cupcakes for your next Marvel party? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Deadpool 2 Music Video Featurette

Last week brought the debut of a Deadpool 2 music video that was not what we expected at all. Celine Dion starred in the music video belting out a new single called “Ashes” that will undoubtedly be the breakout song from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack (though the R-rated score might give it a run for its money). And of course, the music video featured the Merc with a Mouth being classier than ever, dancing around Celine Dion beautifully and gracefully.

Now a Deadpool 2 music video featurette takes us behind the scenes of the making of this music video. Ryan Reynolds gets plenty of screentime talking about the production, and he even gets a moment to talk to Celine Dion. Surprsingly, the diva has some questions about the legitimacy of the Merc with a Mouth’s chest. Read More »

Deadpool 2 ODeadpool 2 Early Draftriginal Story

Deadpool 2 is hitting theaters in a little over a week, and we’ll finally get to see what kind of trouble the Merc with the Mouth gets into this time. So far we know that Wade Wilson feels compelled to stop the steel-armed, glow-eyed mutant Cable from killing a kid named Russell, played by Julian Dennison from Hunt for the Wilderpeople. But Deadpool almost had a kid of his own to protect in the original draft for Deadpool 2. Read More »

Deadpool 2 Poster

Did you hear Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet are coming to the video game Fortnite? Are you ready for Deadpool to take over 7-Eleven? What romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds convinced Josh Brolin to star in Deadpool 2? Want to pick up a limited edition Spider-Man PS4? Are you interested in an Avengers: Infinity War review written by someone who hasn’t seen any Marvel movies? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

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TJ Miller Deadpool 3

Here’s an update on future projects involving controversial figures. While he’s still appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 2, T.J. Miller will not be in future Deadpool films. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Tambor will still be involved in Arrested Development season 5.

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Captain Marvel Fanmade Poster

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Deadpool 2 Score

This week already brought us the gem that was a Deadpool 2 music video featuring Celine Dion belting out an incredible ballad that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack for a sweeping, epic romance. But instead, it’s the breakout single from the Deadpool 2 soundtrack, and it’s one of the funniest music videos I’ve seen in awhile. However, the Deadpool 2 score isn’t going to take this lying down.

Sony Classical has announced the release of the Deadpool 2 score: next week, just one week before the movie hits theaters. Under normal circumstances, this would be business as usual, but the Deadpool 2 score isn’t your average composition for a motion picture. Instead, the music composed by Tyler Bates has become the first score to earn the famous Parental Advisory warning parents that their children might hear some naughty language while listening to the album in question. Read More »

Deadpool 2 IMAX Poster

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Warning: There are some major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War on the second page. You’ve been warned! Read More »

deadpool wolverine

Ryan Reynolds is on a mission: to give us the Deadpool Wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting for. Okay, maybe Reynolds is the only one waiting for it, but that won’t stop him from trying to persuade Hugh Jackman to come out of X-retirement and don the adamantium claws once again.

Ahead of the release of Deadpool 2, Reynolds spoke about his hopes for the future of the Merc with a Mouth. And it includes a reunion with a certain adamantium claw-wielding former soldier with anger management issues.

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