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As I watched David Cronenberg‘s new film Cosmopolis, I thought a lot about The Dark Knight Rises, and that led me to thinking about eXistenZ and The Matrix. Those last two movies came out within weeks of each other in 1999, and while The Matrix went on to be the mega-successful take on living in conjunction and conflict with machines, it was eXistenZ that really tried to dig deep into the ways in which our lives are being changed by interfacing with digital technology.

And so I came to Cosmopolis and The Dark Knight Rises, and the relationship there is probably pretty obvious. While Nolan’s movie pays a lot of lip service to issues of economics, social status, and the levels of power displacement that are associated with wealth and poverty, it is Cronenberg’s movie that really tackles some of those ideas with determination.

All of which is a roundabout way to get to some quotes provided in a Cosmopolis promo interview. Asked about moving into the realm of superhero movies, Cronenberg dismissed the idea, calling the form adolescent, and not ready to be treated as an “elevated art form.” And in some ways, it is difficult to disagree with his unvarnished assessment. But are superhero films destined to always be a limited form? Read More »

There May Be No ‘Eastern Promises 2′ After All

As David Cronenberg does the US press rounds for his new film Cosmopolis, which opens limited this Friday the 17th and expands starting the week after, he’s fielding some questions about his next film. The director often has several projects percolating, and the current time is no different. But one long-mooted film is apparently not going to happen after all, as Cronenberg says that the sequel to the 2007 Eastern Promises is no longer backed by Focus Features, and thus may not happen at all. Read More »

There are actors who seem like guys David Cronenberg simply must work with — James Woods, Peter Weller, Viggo Mortensen, Ralph Fiennes, and even Jeff Goldblum help define a ‘type’ that seems like the template that works for Cronenberg. Strong features, a particular mix of energy, chaos and both physical and emotional vulnerability, no matter the man’s stature. Tim Roth fits into that type pretty well, but actor and director have never worked together.

That, thankfully, changes now, as Cronenberg and Media Rights Captiol have picked Roth to star as surgical pioneer John Tattersall, who will be the lead character of the TV series Knifeman. Read More »

David Cronenberg‘s new film Cosmopolis played to pretty good reactions at Cannes; there were those who didn’t find it compelling, but that’s actually reassuring, as a Cronenberg movie seems like it shouldn’t be for everyone. Now we know when the US will get a chance to see the film. eOne picked up Cosmopolis prior to Cannes, and is rolling it out in other countries now, with a Canadian opening tomorrow and UK bow a week later.

eOne plans to distribute Cosmopolis in the US starting on August 17, which is a bit earlier than we would have expected it to land. Still, we’ll take all the Cronenberg we can get, and as soon as possible, please. To that effect, hit the break for info on how Cronenberg’s son Brandon Cronenberg will have his film Antiviral distributed by IFC Midnight. Read More »

Last week word filtered out of Cannes that Robert Pattinson could work again with director David Cronenberg. That led to some comments that he might be the new Viggo Mortensen. The filmmaker cast Mortensen in three consecutive films: A History of Violence, Eastern Promises, and (as a late-game replacement) A Dangerous Method. But the younger Pattinson got the nod for Cosmopolis, as he’s far more age-appropriate for the lead role than Viggo.

Now, in the wake of the Cosmopolis premiere at Cannes, which went down quite well given the film’s potentially divisive nature, it seems like both Mortensen and Pattinson could end up in Maps to the Stars, a dark comedy/drama Cronenberg started trying to make several years ago. Read More »

A bunch of huge movies have been showing at Cannes this year and the latest is David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis starring everyone’s favorite sparkling vampire, Robert Pattinson. Based on a novella by Don Delillo, the film centers on a 28-year-old billionaire’s 24 hour trip across Manhattan to get a haircut as his entire fortune crumbles with each passing second. This is Cronenberg, though, so of course it’s not a movie about bad traffic. Wild happenings are a foot here including characters played by Juliette BinochePaul GiamattiMathieu Almaric, and Jay Baruchel.

But is it any good? After the jump, we’ve grabbed some quotes and tweets from the Cannes press corps that attempts to answer if Cronenberg is back in prime form or not. Read them after the jump. Read More »

David Cronenberg‘s new movie Cosmopolis premieres tomorrow at Cannes, and barring some terrible reviews or other similar misfortune, it looks like it won’t be the director’s only film with star Robert Pattinson.

The actor now says that, in addition to the slate of other films he has lined up (more on those below) he’s going to do another Cronenberg film. And while he doesn’t drop a name, he does say it will be “very strange.” Read More »

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