Director David Slade now has some help in his planned reboot of the Marvel comics superhero Daredevil. 20th Century Fox has hired Brad Caleb Kane to pen the screenplay to the new film based on Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s “Born Again” storyline. Kane is currently a writer and producer on Fringe, but also wrote Brooklyn’s Finest, a script for a planned Richard Pryor biopic called View-Master and an adaptation of the hit vampire novel The Historian. Read more after the break. Read More »


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Leave it to Twitter to be your #1 source for superhero news. Director David Slade turned to the social media network this weekend to offer brief, but telling, updates on his plans for Daredevil as well as commenting on The Wolverine. Last week, 20th Century Fox announced Slade as the new director for an upcoming Daredevil film. He was also in talks to direct The Wolverine for Fox before Darren Aronofsky came on board so, now that Aronofsky has left the project, speculation is running wild that Slade could possibly helm that film once again. Read Slade tweets on both subjects after the break. Read More »

David Slade to Direct ‘Daredevil’ Reboot

Don’t ever say Twilight didn’t do anything for people. Fresh off David Slade‘s $700 million dollar worldwide slaying with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the director of Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night has just signed on to helm a reboot of the Marvel character Daredevil for 20th Century Fox. David Scarpa, writer of The Last Castle and Fox’s The Day the Earth Stood Still, was reportedly hired to write a script last year, but that could be a thing of the past. Read more after the break. Read More »

Earlier today, we posted a cornucopia of information on upcoming DC comic book movies and now, just to keep things fair, balanced and observe the equal time rule, here’s the Marvel half of that equation. After the jump, we’ll show you a photo of Peter Parker’s high school in The Amazing Spider-Man, talk about Stellan Skarsgard‘s involvement in The Avengers, hear Xavier Gens‘s idea for the Daredevil reboot and watch Robert Downey Jr. talk about transitioning from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows to The Avengers and Iron Man 3. Read More »

“Never change. Unless it’s into a Star Wars character.” College Humor produced a music video for a song entitled ‘Cosplay With My Heart’, a Comic Con-infused parody of It’s supposed to be a parody the song and music video “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. Hit the jump to watch the video.
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Fox Hires Writer to Reboot Daredevil


We’ve known that this would be happening, but a last-minute Friday report from Mike Fleming at Deadline Hollywood confirms Daredevil as the latest superhero reboot. David Scarpa, writer of The Last Castle and Fox’s The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, is scripting. No other talent is announced at this point. Peter Chernin, who is also working on that new Planet of the Apes movie, is producing.

Just in case you have any doubt about how things will go with other Marvel character movies lodged at studios like Fox, Fleming notes that this reboot is going forward for one simple reason: unless Fox moves forward with Daredevil the studio risks losing the character to Marvel/Disney. Yeah, that means we’ll still be hearing about Fantastic Four and likely Silver Surfer movies at some point, too. (The LA Times followed up with a report about the reboot, but doesn’t offer any other new info)


We’ve heard plenty of word over the last two years that a sequel to Columbia’s Ghost Rider film starring Nicolas Cage (who would return for the sequel) could come roaring down the highway, and now there is confirmation that the studio is actually moving forward. Read More »


There’s been some talk of late that a reboot of the Daredevil franchise could be on the cards. The latest, and potentially greatest, piece of evidence could come from the blog of LA Comic Shop Golden Apple. Here’s an excerpt from one of their most recent posts, about the day Katee Sackhoff came to visit:

So we got a little visit in our comic shop last week by Katee Sackhoff, also known as Starbuck for her role on BSG. She proceeded to grab all the Typhoid Mary comics we had and has hopes to get a part for a Marvel movie….

Typhoid Mary being one of the key characters in the Daredevil series, it would seem quite likely that the film in question is this rumoured reboot. Of course, she also appeared in some key Deadpool storylines… so… perhaps… maybe…

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