Doug Liman may be moving from the adventurous romantic past to the technologically-obsessed future. While he’s been prepping The Three Musketeers for Warner Bros., it now looks as if he’ll skip that movie and take the directorial gig on the ‘Groundhog Day with aliens’ movie All You Need Is Kill. Read More »


Dante Harper‘s film CV is a varied one: editing a documentary about Static-X; directing and acting in the surrealist black comedy The Delicate Art of the Rifle; a small mountain of production manager credits, very often on DVD supplements; a little role in The Onion Movie; scripting an adaptation of Charles Burns’ Black Hole. Add to this the not insignificant pay day he’s just scored for a spec-script adaptation of the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill. He certainly gets around, and I’m sure he’s destined for full-on cult status with a resume like that.

All You Need is Kill is a hideously Engrishy-y title, don’t you think? Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s original novel, published in English by the Manga-maestros at Viz, is about a young soldier sent out to fight an alien menace. When he gets killed in action, a time loop repeats the day, and he fights and dies again. And again. And again. Run, Soldier Run! This concept has been compared to Groundhog Day, of course, but to my mind the most obvious similarities in this case are to a video game. Especially as the soldier finds his combat skills increasing, slowly and subtly, in each iteration.

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Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Gets a New Writer


Writer / director Tommy Wirkola got on the map with Dead Snow, his zombie Nazi movie that hit a few festivals over the last year. Now he’s looking to follow that up with a film that catches up with Hansel and Gretel fifteen years after a witch tried to turn them into dinner. We heard about this one, called Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, for the first time back in April. The project is still kicking, and it has a new writer, who hails from David Fincher’s camp. Read More »