When we first encountered Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) the pair were among the top employees Monsters, Inc. But just as humans don’t ascend the ranks of Fortune 500 companies without hard work and some know-how, monsters need to learn the ropes before they can go on to prestigious careers in scaring. And that’s where Monsters University comes in.

In a new viral video from Pixar, the school dean talks up the benefits of a Monsters University education. Turns out they aren’t all that different from the advantages of a human college, except that instead of setting students up for jobs in finance or journalism or engineering, it prepares them for a lifetime of spooking little kids. Watch the message from the dean after the jump.

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‘Monsters University’ Clip: Roommate Bonding

The Monsters University marketing has made no secret of the fact that eventual BFFs / business partners Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) weren’t such fast friends when they met in college. That’s not so surprising considering how different their personalities are, but now a new clip reveals exactly how horribly their first encounter went. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Couple good little Pixar notes today. The first is that the next film from Up director Pete Docter has officially been titled. Instead of the Untitled Disney-Pixar Inside the Mind Film, it will be called Inside Out. Which we mostly knew, but it’s good to have that point settled. The temp title was just awkward.

The movie will take place inside a human mind, and more specifically will be “told from the perspective of the emotions inside the mind of a little girl.” The art above is really all we’ve got as far as visuals for the film, but expect more soon. [ComingSoon]

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Pixar’s first prequel, Monsters University, will be released next summer and tells the story of how monsters Mike and Sully met in college long before they were scare partners at Monsters Inc. Billy Crystal and John Goodman both return for the film, which is out June 21, 2013. Until now, all we’ve really known is that Mike and Sully started as rivals. That much was evident in all four teaser trailers that came online along with Brave.

In a new interview, though, Billy Crystal has dropped a few new details about the plot and even compared the film to the cult Eighties college comedy Revenge of the Nerds, which featured a small role by none other than John Goodman. Read his quote after the jump. Read More »

Disney has released the teaser trailer for Pixar’s Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University. The film takes us back to when Mike and Sully were in school learning how to scare. Its Pixar’s version of a college comedy, and the teaser trailer gives us a glimpse at some of the partying and pranks we might expect. The trailer will be presented in 3D, attached to Pixar’s Brave this Friday. But you can watch it now, embedded after the jump. And to complicate things, Disney has released the trailer in four different variations. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Pixar’s Monsters Inc prequel Monsters University tells the story of how Mike Wazowski and Sulley became friends during their college years at scare school. This weekend at D23 Expo, we learned a lot more about the project. Hit the jump to read the ten things we learned about Monsters University, and even see some unfinished concept renderings of what young Mike and Sulley will look like in the movie.
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Editor’s Update: Walt Disney Pictures announced today that they have pushed back the release date for Monsters University from November 2nd 2012 to June 21st 2013. Also, to fill the vacant spot, Disney is moving up Reboot Ralph from the film’s original March 22nd, 2013 date.

Last week, Disney and Pixar announced the exciting news that the second Monsters Inc. will be a prequel named Monsters University, showing how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) met and learned to be scary. It’ll be directed by Dan Scanlon, director of the Cars short Mater and the Ghostlight and a story artist on Cars and Toy Story 3 and now the logo for the 2012 film has now been uncovered. Check it out after the break. Read More »

Dan Scanlon Will Direct ‘Monsters University’

Briefly: Just two days ago the title of the Monsters, Inc. sequel (or prequel, as it really is) was revealed to be Monsters University. As far as we know, Billy Crystal and John Goodman will return to voice Mike and Sully, but this time we’ll see them as they train to scare kids.

Now ComingSoon has confirmed that Dan Scanlon, director of Cars short Mater and the Ghostlight and story artist on Cars and Toy Story 3, will direct the film. We don’t have any further details right now. Monsters University will arrive on November 2, 2012.