Dan Harmon Confirms ‘Community’ Return

Dan Harmon

There’s no business quite like show business when it comes to people flip-flopping between friendship and antagonism. (Or the business versions thereof.) Community creator Dan Harmon was often famously at odds with the exec staff at Sony Television over his three-season run on the show. After his ouster, David Guarascio and Moses Port were brought on to keep Community going, but while the fourth season kept some people watching, it was deemed to be less than what it was with Harmon’s inspired brand of madness powering the comedy.

So, during the fourth season, NBC had a not all that highly rated comedy that wasn’t even a critical darling any longer. All told, the 13-episode fourth season had the lowest viewership of the show’s run.

And so the powers that be have turned back to Harmon. He, along with former writer and exec producer Chris McKenna, are making deals to return for the fifth season. Harmon’s return was rumored a week ago, and now he has confirmed it. Read More »


after earth

Dave, Devindra, and Laremy (author of Film Critic) discuss some great new films screening at SIFF, muse on the greatness of Linklater’s Before franchise, and wonder which timeline Community season 4 came from. Be sure to check out Rachel Sklar’s piece on Afternoon Delight, Nick Schager’s take on M. Night’s absence, and Laremy Legel’s review of After Earth.

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Dan Harmon

When showrunner Dan Harmon was forced to leave his NBC sitcom Community, many fans felt the show’s quality suffered immensely. They still stuck around though and despite fledgling ratings, NBC just renewed the show for a fifth season.

To attempt to breathe life and excitement back into the series, which follows a group of community college students played by Joel McCale, Donald Glover, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Allison Brie and others, NBC has asked Harmon to come back for what’s likely to be the show’s final season. Read More »

I am going to assume that the Futurama crew, like the rest of the Internet, is cheering in celebration of Community‘s return. After the jump:

  • Dean Norris says Breaking Bad‘s final run is “Hank-centric”
  • Roy from The Office is Beverly Hills Cop‘s new Judge Reinhold
  • George R.R. Martin could develop more shows for HBO
  • See the real-life models for the staff of ISIS on Archer
  • Marc Maron‘s IFC series, titled Maron, unveils a first teaser
  • Syfy has a new trailer for its upcoming series Defiance
  • Mother and son are creepy in Bates Motel‘s new teaser and poster
  • Comedy Central offers a peek at the next season of Futurama
  • Get ready for Community‘s long-awaited return with a new trailer

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NBC’s shaking things up, while its former employee Dan Harmon’s bouncing back on Adult Swim. After the jump:

  • NBC doesn’t want that Dwight Schrute spinoff The Farm after all
  • NBC decides to turn Up All Night into a multi-camera sitcom
  • Adult Swim orders Dan Harmon‘s new animated comedy to series
  • Chloë Sevigny signs up for A&E crime drama pilot Those Who Kill
  • See Conan O’Brien hanging around the Arrested Development set
  • Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! are renewed through 2015-16
  • ABC gives full season orders to Scandal and The Neighbors
  • AMC decides to renew Hell on Wheels for a third season

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Teaser trailers, casting, controversy and more are all in this huge edition of TV Bits. After the jump, read about the following:

  • Check out the first promo for the fourth season of the award-winning comedy Modern Family.
  • Entertainment Weekly has four Walking Dead covers this week and the reveal of a brand new character.
  • Chloe Sevigny will appear on IFC’s comedy Portlandia.
  • Try to break out with the latest teaser for American Horror Story: Asylum.
  • Dan Harmon talked about Community controversy and storylines in a Reddit AMA.
  • Outlaw Country, a failed FX pilot about Southern crime, will air as a movie August 24.
  • Casting continues on AMC’s Low Winter Sun.

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Forget The Bourne Legacy — the Ludlum-inspired story I’m really eager to see is this Bob’s Burgers / Archer crossover. Also after the jump:

  • Dan Harmon has more to say the Community ousting
  • BridesmaidsMatt Lucas will teach the Community gang
  • See Joel McHale tangling with SAMCRO on Sons of Anarchy
  • Check out the first pics from Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire
  • Workaholics stars spotted on Arrested Development set
  • New Homeland poster promises Season 2 will “hit home”
  • The whole gang hangs out in Walking Dead Season 3 poster

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Two and a half months after being unceremoniously canned from his own show, Community creator / ex-showrunner Dan Harmon isn’t just bouncing back, he’s thriving. Even before he got the pink slip he had an animated series titled Rick & Morty brewing at Adult Swim, and since then he’s also kept busy working on a stop-motion movie Anomalisa with Charlie Kaufman and a multi-camera comedy for Fox. Add to that crowded slate another possible sitcom, this one for CBS. Read on after the jump.

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Briefly: Community creator Dan Harmon‘s ouster from his own show was a moment that probably won’t rank high on the writer/producer’s list of great life moments, but he isn’t staying on the sidelines for long. Harmon already has an Adult Swim show in the pipeline called Rick & Morty, about an inventor and his kinda dim grandson.

That’s at the pilot stage, and now Harmon has another opportunity coming up. Fox has nearly finished a deal with the creator to write a new pilot for a multi-camera comedy. TV Guide says that, since Harmon doesn’t have a development deal set up anywhere at this point, Fox wants 20th Century Fox TV to produce the show, but that deal isn’t done. This won’t be Harmon’s first experience with Fox, as he did the Heat Vision and Jack pilot for the network in ’99.

Meanwhile, there’s also the possibility that Harmon and Charlie Kaufman’s animated project will get off the ground — fingers crossed for that.

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Of course, such optimism does little to counter the realities of the modern film industry model, which is currently taking its toll on Charlie Kaufman‘s sophomore directorial effort Frank or Francis (currently stuck in development limbo), just as it did At the Mountains of Madness before it, and hundreds of other please-let-this-happen endeavors that failed to scrounge up the financing necessary to be brought to fruition.

But what of more budget-conscious efforts? With marketing and director Guillermo del Toro‘s proposed $150 million price tag, At the Mountains of Madness was looking at a cost of well over $200 million. Comparatively, getting Charlie Kaufman‘s latest screenplay produced requires a paltry 200 grand investment. And thanks to Kickstarter, you can contribute however much or little as you deem appropriate in order to help make this dream project a reality. Read More »