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Guillermo del Toro‘s Crimson Peak has been picking up A-listers at an impressive clip, but now the casting’s hit a bit of a snag. Emma Stone, who was the first star to sign on for the film back in January, has now dropped out.

Fortunately, del Toro’s already closing in on a more than suitable replacement. Mia Wasikowska is reportedly in talks to fill the part, provided she can get the scheduling to work out. Benedict CumberbatchJessica Chastain, and Charlie Hunnam remain attached. More details, including character info, after the jump.

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Guillermo del Toro‘s haunted house film Crimson Peak is quickly becoming one of the most star-studded films on the horizon. The Pacific Rim director had already cast Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam for the film, then he got Benedict Cumberbatch on board. Now he’s cast Jessica Chastain, the actress nominated for multiple Oscars, who previously worked with Del Toro on this year’s surprise hit Mama. Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Joins ‘Crimson Peak’


Benedict Cumberbatch is becoming one of the most sought-after screen actors, thanks originally to his leading role in the BBC series Sherlock, but also to attention-getting gigs like his Star Trek Into Darkness villain.

Now Guillermo del Toro has turned to Cumberbatch to bolster the cast of the haunted house movie Crimson Peak. Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam are also part of the cast. At this point we don’t know how any of them fit into the story, or what side of the moral fence Cumberbatch will be on. Read More »

Guillermo del Toro‘s 2013 film, Pacific Rim, is looking good, but I’m almost more interested in his follow-up. The next project, Crimson Peak, will be the director’s own version of the sort of haunted house movie that mostly went out of fashion years ago. Del Toro has talked about making the movie as a big-budget scare ride — something like The Haunting, or The Innocent, “with the house built magnificently,” as he says of those films.

Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam are the leads in the film. We haven’t known very much about what they’ll be getting into other than, well, a haunted house. But now the director and co-writer has explained a bit more of the film. In the spirit of GDT’s previous tales of ghosts and hauntings, it doesn’t sound like merely a big event film. Read More »

With five films together in twenty years, it’s no secret that Ron Perlman is one of Guillermo Del Toro‘s favorite actors. But now it looks like another Sons of Anarchy star has joined the Hellboy director’s favorites list.

Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam has just entered negotiations to board Crimson Peak, the haunted house tale that will be Del Toro’s next project. Hunnam joins Emma Stone, who was reported as being in talks just a few days ago. Hit the jump to read more.

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Guillermo del Toro is finally back to directing, with his film Pacific Rim deep in post-prodution and moving quickly towards a summer release.

He’s already lined up his next directorial project, too: a big haunted house movie called Crimson Peak. And now he’s got rapid rising star Emma Stone (Easy A, The Amazing Spider-Man, Gangster Squad) in talks to star. Read More »

While Guillermo del Toro‘s biggest movies (prior to next year’s Pacific Rim) have been derived from comic book characters (Hellboy and Blade), his best work to date has been sourced from a certain supernatural influence. The Devil’s Backbone, Cronos, and Pan’s Labyrinth are either literally ghost stories, or very much kin to them. And now the director is going back to ghosts after Pacific Rim.

Written by del Toro after Pan’s Labyrinth and originally sold as a spec to Universal, a picture called Crimson Peak has now been confirmed as his next movie. The filmmaker says the story is “a very set-oriented, classical but at the same time modern take on the ghost story.” Read More »

The crew at Latino Review is working overtime, dropping a slew of interesting scoops with one standing tall above the others. Rumor has it that Warner Bros. is extremely happy with what they’ve seen of Guillermo Del Toro‘s Pacific Rim (they aren’t the only ones) and has given the director his pick of the litter of studio projects. But instead of choosing to direct the obvious superhero team-up film Justice League, Del Toro reportedly wants to do something similar, but with his own twist.

The idea is called Heaven Sent and it would combine several of the magical, spectral beings in the DC Comics Universe into one movie. Characters like Deadman, The Spectre, Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, Sargon and Etrigan the Demon. According to the article, Warner Bros. currently has its lawyers trying to untangle the rights to all of the characters involved and, if that happens, then maybe the project moves forward.

Read more after the jump, including when we might see his haunted house film Crimson Peak.

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