Lost Boys 2: Theatrical Dreams Live On

The Lost Boys 2

“Take that you *&%$ DVD!”

A week ago, we ripped an official decision by Warner Bros. to release Lost Boys 2: The Tribe straight to DVD, and asked for fans of the seminal ’80s horror flick back us up like Nanook. According to Corey Feldman via his ever-relevant blog, the film could still go theatrical and a final decision will be made in February. This is one case where fan feedback can play a huge part, so again, go crazy with the Cheez Whiz. Here’s Feldman…

…..1 more thing there is a nasty rumor circulating that a decision to release LB2 straight to DVD has been made…..THAT IS CATEGORICALLY UNTRUE!!! NO decision has been made as of yet they will be voting on it next month so if you are a LB2 supporter and want to see it on the big screen now is the time to rise up and let the studio know by sending them your thoughts and concerns. There has been a lot of buzz about this and I just don’t want any defeatist or negative attitudes to hamper the positive energy. It is still alive…..

And in true Frog Brothers fashion, Feldman got a new Lost Boys war story on the last day of filming. Call us half-full, but this makes us want to see it more…

I also wanted to say thanx to all of those who wrote in, concerned about my casted arm. No I didn’t brake it in a bar room brawl…….(joking). I actually tore two ligaments while working on LB2. It was during a fight scene on the last night and we were working on giant rocks outside, and it started raining and during a chase I slipped and bent it backwards. It is a weird injury, actually worse than a break because I have been to physical therapy and had it casted and braced and nothing seems to work. At least I got a black one so you don’t notice it as much. It has been three months and it still hurts. But that’s all right anything for the love of art….or at least keeping myself employed(joking again)…..(kinda).

We’ll put up with all of the “thanx” in the world for this type of from-the-set minutiae. But wait! For every growing Stimpy shadow there is a shivering, shrinking Ren: cue Corey Haim. It was confirmed yesterday that A&E has picked up a second 10-episode season of The Two Coreys. So, Haim has a job, hope for Lost Boys 2 lives on, and this lemonade is mighty tasty, dare we say that life is good?

Lost Boys 2

Unlike all of the non-entities on The Surreal Life, Corey Feldman still has something to offer us. His band is tres lame, but if you’ve caught The Two Coreys on A&E (which is also terrible), Feldman still possesses the upbeat work ethic and fresh face of a confident young blood like Shia LaBeouf. I get the feeling that highly unlike his role in Meatballs 4, he grasps how important the success of The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe will be to his career, and that he also believes the 1987 original is one of the best movies of all time. And it is. It merits a release by Criterion for its quixotic ’80s boardwalk atmosphere alone.

But here’s the dilemma. How does a film like Renny Harlin’s The Covenant or Paris Hilton’s The Hottie and the Nottie receive a wide theatrical release, while a sequel only out-anticipated by ’80s babies by Goonies 2, goes straight to DVD? It’s a travesty. Someone start a petition, because, as of today, Warner Bros. has officially confirmed the film’s Wesley Snipes-like trajectory. This could be the worst movie of all time, but with proper marketing it’d still open to $15 million easy, off pure fumes of nostalgia. Moreover, the film’s writer, Hans Rodionoff, has confirmed that they are not only bringing back “Cry Little Sister” but the meathead sax player! This is like Live Free or Die Hard bringing back Sgt. Al Powell or Argyle, or an R-rating. Never dismiss an effort to actually please from Hollywood. All I know is that I need to get Lost Boys 2 out of my head and up on screen in an actual theater. We all do, right? Right?!

Corey Feldman has also stated on his official blog that Warner Bros. likes what they have seen and wants to start talks about a third film, one that Rodionoff has already alluded to focusing solely on Feldman’s Edgar Frog character. To further stack up the Jenga tower of potential awesomeness, DC Comics is releasing a 4-issue comic mini-series detailing what happened to Edgar between the first film and the new one. My guess is that bit about Meatballs 4 will be redacted and replaced with a holy water Jacuzzi.
If you want Lost Boys 2: The Tribe to get some kind of theatrical release, let Warner Bros. know below. Otherwise, look for it in mid-summer on a shelf beside Aliens Vs. Monsters 4.

First Look: Corey Feldman in Lost Boys 2

First Look: Corey Feldman in Lost Boys 2

Mad Movies has the first photo of Corey Feldman in action as Edgar Frog in Warner Home Video’s Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. In the photo above, Frog fires a Holy Water Bazooka, likely at some villainous vampire foe.

Official Plot Description: “This sequel takes us to the shady surf city of Luna Bay, California, where vampires quickly dispatch anyone who crosses their path. Into this dark world arrive Chris Emerson (Hilgenbrink) and his younger sister, Nicole (Reeser). Having just lost their parents in a car accident, the siblings move in with their eccentric Aunt Jillian and become new prey for the locals’ way of life. When Nicole unwittingly falls for a local vampire, Chris must locate and destroy the gang’s lifeline before his sister’s transformation is complete; to do this Chris finds himself relying on the expertise of none other than Edgar Frog (Feldman). Subtle references to characters from the original film, and cameos from returning actors offer homage to the Lost Boys legend and set a sinister tone of impending doom.”

Jamison Newlander also returns as Edgar’s brother Alan. Merwin Mondesir, Shaun Sipos, and Kyle Cassie play a group of vampires led by Angus Sutherland’s character. Due to a problem with immigration, Corey Haim was unable to reprise his role as Sam Emerson.

Warner Bros. is still discussing whether to release The Lost Boys 2 theatrically, as the project was first conceived as a direct-to-DVD movie. I don’t care if this is a second rate DVD sequel, I really hope Warner releases this in theaters. Why not do a few midnight shows in the major markets?

First Look: The Lost Boys 2

The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

In Touch Magazine has the first photo from the direct-to-dvd sequel to The Lost Boys. The photo shows Corey Feldman, reprising his role as Edgar Frog, and Shaun Sipos. Check out Feldman’s neck tattoo. I know this is going to be crappy, but I’m looking forward to it none the less. You can read more about Lost Boys 2 (who’s in it, what it’s about, and more) in our previous coverage round-up.

Last I heard, The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe might even get a limited theatrical run, before hitting DVD shelves in 2008. We’ll keep you updated.

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Lost BoysIt seems like the report from last week might be true after all. Rumor had it that Corey Haim might not be able to film his scenes in The Lost Boys 2 DVD sequel due to visa issues. Now Warner Bros has released the official press release announcing the project, and Corey Haim is not even mentioned.

If I was Warner Bros, I would rewrite a scene or two in the script that could be shot in an interior set in the United States just so Haim makes an appearance. It seems like the couple hundred thousand to make that possible will make it worth it for long time fans of the original film. Check out the full press release, which includes full cast information, plot details and more, after the jump.

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Would You Watch a Goonies Animated Sequel?

Goonies Animated

Goonies 2The long rumored Goonies sequel might seem improbable at this point, but that doesn’t mean that the series won’t continue. Remember, Goonies Never Say Die.

“I would like to say that there’s a great writer on it and it’s coming soon [but] I have nothing for you,” Goonies star Corey Feldman told MTV. “It’s a film Spielberg very badly wanted to make [and] Richard Donner very badly wanted to make. All of us [the cast] really, really wanted to do it. It’s come to the point of the script got ordered, and then the ball got dropped. For whatever reason, Warner Bros. doesn’t see it as a profitable venture. It’s a very sad, unfortunate story. But they just decided to make ‘Lost Boys 2′ after 20 years. Anything’s possible!”

“Right now they are talking about the idea of doing it as an animated series,” Feldman revealed, without offering more details. Corey also spoke highly of one of the last Goonie 2 script attempts:

“The one that I heard that worked the best was all of us were now grown up, and have [our own] kids. And those kids get into some trouble and end up stumbling across some link to our past. They discover who we really are and what we went through. And, simultaneously, the Fratelli brothers find out that the kids have found out – so they’re out to get the kids and the kids are out to save their lives and their families.”

Corey also revealed that in one script he was a Vegas lounge singer, and in another, a trial lawyer.

The Goonies is one of those movies from my childhood that I hold very close to my heart. And usually with such movies, I find myself feeling uneasy when the idea of a proposed sequel comes up. I man, most sequels are usually not as good. And who wants your childhood memories ruined by a bad attempt to claim more money from a long lost franchise. But for some reason I think there could be a good idea for a Goonies sequel. And I believe that a new Goonies movie could live on for a whole new generation. May-be I’m just being overly optimistic (which is out of character for me), but I’d like to see the idea explored more. As for a cartoon, in concept maybe it would be fun, but what audience would they target the project towards? It seems very speculative to me.

Would you watch an animated Goonies tv show or sequel?

The Lost BoysI haven’t been this excited to se a direct to DVD movie since, well, never. And now Corey Haim’s manager told MTV that Haim might not appear in the Lost Boys sequel after all.

Apparently major logistical obstacles exist, concerning the immigration problems Haim may have in traveling in and out of the country (the film is being shot in Vancouver). I guess Warner Bros is currently working with the US Government to “rectify these issues.”

Let’s hope they figure it out, because a Lost Boys sequel with Corey Feldman but not Corey Haim seems, so much less appealing.

The Lost BoysWhen Warner Bros announced that they were making a sequel to The Lost Boys, we were furious. Not only was it a sequel, but a direct-to-dvd sequel. Those are notoriously the worst because they usually became a remake of the original featuring an entirely new cast of bad actors and a horribly revamped script.

But there is good news afterall, according to Bloody-Disgusting – the two-Corey’s are back! Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander are returning as the Frog Brothers, and Corey Haim will be reprising his role as Sam Emerson. Not only that but Angus Sutherland, Keifer’s half-brother (and son of Donald Sutherland) will star as this film’s vampire villian. How cool is that? Tad Hilgenbrink (Amusement) and Autumn Reeser (The O.C.) are signed to star in the film. Let’s hope they aren’t in the film too much.

The original film was released in 1987, and followed a group of kids from Santa Clara, CA who come up against a gang of motorcycle riding teenage vampires. Keifer Sutherland played the big bad vampire leader in the original, which was directed by Joel Schumacher.

From Dusk Till Dawn 3 director P.J. Pesce will start shooting The Lost Boys: The Tribe next week. I don’t know how they did it, but Warner Home Video all of a sudden got me excited about a direct-to-dvd sequel. Sure, it will probably suck – but at least it will feel like a somewhat real sequel.

Last month on their new reality television show, Feldman broke the news to his best friend Haim that Warner Brothers were making a direct-to-dvd sequel without them. Haim started crying. You can watch that footage here.

The Lost BoysIf you didn’t know, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman have a new reality television show on A&E. You must watch this video clip which features Corey Haim hitting rock bottom when he hears from Feldman that there is a Lost Boys direct to dvd sequel and he wasn’t asked to be a part of the cast. We wrote about the sequel back in January, and much like Haim we also cried (okay, may-be not – but we got really angry – I swear). Check out the video clip after the jump.
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Warner Home Video has decided to make a direct to DVD sequel of the hit vampire film The Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys 2 is scheduled to begin production in 2007, but they don’t even have a script. Yes, you read that correctly. They are courting a few different directors, and as you may assume, they are iffy on the No Script “Thing”. The only thing that Warner has is an idea. And a simple one at that: “The story will revolve around surfing vampires in Southern California.” Read More »