For many people, the first time they get on the floor at San Diego Comic-Con can be an overwhelming experience. There are the thousands upon thousands of people, the sensory overload of cool stuff and the intimidating lines of people usually waiting for something you know nothing about. It can make you feel extremely out of the loop but also excited about the possibility of finding fun, hidden stuff.

It’s the first time Mondo is on the floor at Comic Con. We’ve written about Mondo once or twice (or three million times) so you know they’re the poster boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse. What you might not know is that, for their first year at Comic Con, their booth is insane. They brought with them several previously “sold out” posters for people to buy, announced a brand new license to make posters for Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer and, over the next few days, will be tweeting announcements of exclusive, limited edition, movie-themed screenprints that’ll go on sale only at their booth. Read more about it after the break. Read More »

Here’s the latest trailer for Conan the Barbarian, in which Jason Momoa, under the direction of Marcus Nispel, seeks to reanimate the cinematic vitality of Robert E. Howard‘s signature character. Arnold Schwarzenegger created the version many know and love, and he leaves some big shoes to fill. Previous trailers and pics have left us doubtful that it is really going to work. (But also hopeful for a positive outcome.) Now take a gander at the latest trailer, from the UK, in which a young Conan picks up a sword on his way to becoming 20-something Conan. See if this does the trick. Read More »

Here’s what you need to know about the new red-band trailer for Conan the Barbarian: there is a shot in which Conan (Jason Momoa) knocks out a horse with a giant chain. There is also a lot of blood, a total absence of plot, a little bit of almost safe for work sex, and the worst piece of electro-tinged cock rock to hit a trailer in months.

Sound good? Then hit the jump to learn what a barbarian wants when he is thirsty. (Hint: it’s not what plants crave.) Read More »

A whole boatload of posters has arrived on internet shores in the past few days, so lets start with today’s big one: the uncensored, definitely not safe for work version of the one-sheet for David Fincher‘s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. This one is pretty much internet link-bait and not much more, because it will likely never go up in any US movie theater. And, truth be told, while I admire the boldness of the poster, I like the slightly censored versions much more. Decide for yourself after the break, where we’ll also present Conan the Barbarian character posters and one-sheets for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and the reissue of Rainer Werner Fassbinder‘s World on a Wire.

Update: Just as this went live, a new one-sheet for The Three Musketeers arrived via Yahoo. That’s been added to the gallery below. Read More »

‘Conan the Barbarian’ Trailer

The first teaser trailer for the new Conan the Barbarian was dreadfully uninspiring. Made up of smoke and spare glimpses of footage, it played like Lionsgate and Millennium were trying to hide something. Now the full trailer is out, and there’s definitely no hiding anything here. The movie looks more or less as you’d expect it to look, but there might be some fun adventure within. Check out the trailer after the break. Read More »

There are a whole bunch of new photos from summer films hitting the internet today: a new image of Captain America and his slightly battered shield; super-detailed character posters featuring Sinestro and Kilowog from Green Lantern; new Transformers: Dark of the Moon shots, and probably the best look yet at Jason Momoa as the new Conan. They’re all after the break. Read More »

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So…there are proto-Klingons in Conan the Barbarian?

We’ve seen some on-set shots of the new Conan as it was shooting under the direction of Marcus Nispel, and there have been some promo shots featuring Jason Momoa as Conan, and that teaser trailer that refused to show very much at all. Now here’s your first look at Avatar‘s Stephen Lang in full costume and makeup as Conan villain Khalar Zym. Read More »

We’ve all seen the photos of Jason Momoa as the new Conan the Barbarian. Many people have had a lot to say about how the actor looks as he steps into the shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who pretty much defined Conan in the popular imagination thanks to the 1982 film with which this new production shares a title.

Now here’s the first teaser trailer for the film, which shows Jason Momoa swinging a blade and uttering a line that, well, probably won’t quite earn a spot next to Arnie’s answer to the question ‘what is best in life?’ (“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”) Watch it after the break. Read More »

As Season of the Witch limps towards theaters, the cast and crew are out doing the press rounds. Among them is Ron Perlman, the actor who has been a frequent presence in movies by Guillermo del Toro and who has already shot a part in Conan the Barbarian. While doing interviews for his current film, he has dropped some info about Conan, At the Mountains of Madness, and background for the idea for Hellboy 3. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

In our desensitized world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to shock people. Occasionally, you’ll be shocked at the movies or on TV but to shock someone in a video game seems impossible. Until you look at the photo above. IGN has some videos from The Force Unleashed 2 downloadable content Battle for Endor that not only show Princess Leia being murdered, but Chewbacca and – yes –  Han Solo too. Seeing these iconic characters die – even in a video game – is pretty shocking.

In other movie related video games news, we finally have a release date for the first episode of the brand new Back to the Future video game, info on a new Conan game being developed and info on the death – once again – of an Ender’s Game project, this time the video game. Read about them all and watch the sacrilegious videos after the jump. Read More »