South Park Spoofs Cloverfield

The latest episode of South Park, titled Pandemic, had a sequence spoofing Cloverfield. You can watch the entire episode at South Park Studios, or just watch the Cloverfield clip below, thanks to our friends at Cloverfield Clues.


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Cloverfield 2 Will Not Be a “Literal Sequel”

During the Comic Con panel for Fringe, someone asked J.J. Abrams if there were any updates on a Cloverfield sequel. Abrams response started off very much in the same way that it did when he was asked about it before, but then he let slip a piece of information that is sure to spark conjecture amongst fans.

“There’s something we’re playing with now that may or may not happen. There’s an idea we have that plays with… it’s not a literal sequel.

Unfortunately, that’s where the discussion ended. Abrams is known for being pretty tight-lipped when it comes to his projects, so all we can do is wonder what exactly him and director Matt Reeves (who he confirmed would be directly involved if it happened) have in store for us. Considering that they’re still talking about the sequel this late in the game, and that they’ve already established they wouldn’t want to just re-use the handheld gimmick in the same way they did before, it’s nice to know that they’re not just trying to get a sequel out there based purely on the success of the original. If they do it, it will be because they have a good idea to back it up.

VOTD: Groverfield

Groverfield by Artifex Studios

The Pitch: A Sesame Street inspired Cloverfield parody .

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Page 2

Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!

Speeder Dogs

Global Nerdy brings us the photo of the day: Speeder Dogs.

Charles Grodin will cameo in Jason Segel‘s new Muppet Movie. [mtv]

TorrentSpy already shut its doors earlier this year, and now they have been hit with a $110 million judgment against its parent company, Valence Media. The MPAA has won. [mashable]

Collider has a preview of their set report of G.I. Joe.

Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman have just completed a screenplay based on Mark Millar’s graphic comic book ‘Kick-Ass‘. [dailymail]

Ironman Jones Movie PosterHollywoodInk has a poster for this year’s Summer movie season (pictured left).

Rotten Tomatoes
has an exclusive video diary from the set of Quantum of Solace.

Vulture wonders what unsung comic book superheroes should star in The Avengers.

Ellen Page is set to play one of English literature’s most famous characters, the eponymous heroine of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. [Variety]

Topless Robot counts down the 11 Best Songs from Geek-Movie Soundtracks.

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will star in the Marc Webb-helmed romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer for Fox Searchlight, which centers on a man (Gordon-Levitt) who falls hopelessly in love with a woman (Deschanel) who doesn’t believe in love. [variety]

CineVegas has announced their line-up which includes: The Rocker, Dark Streets, Your Name Here, Beautiful Losers, Chelsea on the Rocks, Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Choke, and Schoof [thecircuit]

The Sundance Channel has been acquired by New York-based Cablevision Systems for $496 million in stock and cash. [imdb]

Director Darren Lynn Bousman has officially been asked to direct the remake to Hellraiser. [bloody-disgusting]

Cloverfield Manga

io9 has the latest on the Cloverfield Managa.

SNL have announced Shia LeBoeuf will host May 10th with My Morning Jacket and Steve Carell will host season finale on May 17th with Usher. [collider]

The internet teaser trailer for Kevin Smith‘s Zack and Miri Make a Porno will hit the web next week. [newsaskew]

Moon Bloodgood as Det. Maya Sunee in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

The first production photo of Moon Bloodgood as Det. Maya Sunee in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li was released on the movie’s official blog.

Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman and Josh Lucas are joining Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page in Michael Lander’s psychological thriller “Peacock.” [THR]

GuideSpot has a Google Maps guide of Alfred Hitchcock‘s Bay Area.

Tom Cruise has launched Tom

Tom Hanks endorses Barack Obama.

My friend John Campea over on The Movie Blog listed five lesser known comic character movies he’d like to see

Wanted and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army will open and close the Los Angeles Film Festival.

FirstShowing takes a look at the Future of Iron Man: Alcoholic Tony Stark, War Machine, and Beyond!

The first trailer for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor will hit in June. [SciFi]

Maya Entertainment has acquired all U.S. rights to Alex Rivera’s Sundance award-winner Sleep Dealer. [THR]


A bunch of websites are posting what they claim to be the first photos from Cloverfield 2. My friend Dennis from CloverfieldClues sent these over to me last week, and I wasn’t really sure they were newsworthy or not. Truth is, these are not photos from a Cloverfield sequel. The following photos are the result of the viral alternate reality game from the first film.


The pictures show the discovery of the Cloverfield monster and parasites by Tagruato subs, deep on the ocean floor, near Tagruato’s Chuai Oil Drilling Station. The depth meter on the second photo reads 10,027.5 Meters, which would be over six miles below the surface. These photos were taken before the events in the first Clvoerfield film. The sub probably disturbed the monster, which caused the destruction of Chuai Station, and the eventual destruction of New York City. So if anything, consider this the end of the prequel.

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Page 2 for April 28th 2008

Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Expect the first reviews of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Sunday May 18th at 6:30am-ish eastern time, as that is when press at Cannes will have seen the film. Domestic press will see the film later that afternoon/night at nationwide press screenings. [jeffwells]

Harland Williams
will make the transition from acting to directing with “Wing Man“, a new $10 million dollar comedy. [moviehole]

5.5 million households added a high-definition television set to their furnishings for the first time during the period from last year’s holiday season to this year’s Super Bowl. [imdb]

My Name is Bruce has new photos from Bruce Campbell‘s My Name is Bruce.

On April 29th, Apple iTunes will release the long-awaited end credits overture “ROAR!” from Cloverfield by Michael Giacchino. [Bloody-Disgusting]

Wanted PosterAICN has another new Wanted movie poster featuring Angelina Jolie’s scrawny arm.

Seven people were injured Saturday in a collision between a bus and several cars during the filming of G.I. Joe in the center of Prague. [shh] Filmdrunk‘s headline GOD TRIES TO STOP GI JOE MOVIE is both hilarious and in bad taste.

Deadbolt wonders what Quentin Tarantino could do with a big screen adaptation of Grand Theft Auto.

The good people at Pixar are growing frustrated of the Walt Disney Imagineers. [jimhill]

io9 ponders Why Do Anti-Heroes rule Science Fiction?

FilmSchoolRejects counts down the15 Must See Movies of Summer 2008.

Mobile animatronic WALL-E’s are being built for Disney’s Hollywood Studios (previously known as Disney-MGM Studios). [pixarblog]

Victor Salva is prepping not only Jeepers Creepers 3: The Creeper Walks Among Us, but also a fourth film in the franchise, which is said to shoot back-to-back for MGM. [Bloody-disgusting]

Transformers 2 will film at the infamous Air Force boneyard in Arizona known as The Boneyard. [shh]

Starpulse takes a look at the best and worst films by Quentin Tarantino.

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

JJ Abrams on a Cloverfield Sequel

Cloverfield 2

I heard a couple months ago that a Cloverfield sequel had been put on the backburner. With the recent release of the DVD, talk of a Cloverfield sequel has begun to reappear. Producer JJ Abrams tells G4’s Attack of the Show that they have a good idea:

“There is a couple ideas that Drew Goddard , the writer, and Matt Reeves have that are pretty fantastic. So we’re playing around with some ideas and obviously if it isn’t something that really excited us and inspires us, we won’t do it. But there are some good ideas out there.”

When asked if the second film would be shot using the first person video camera style employed by the first film, Abrams replied:

“It could. I think it’s a valid style,” Abrams continued. “I think as a gimmick, people have already seen it, so if you’re going to do it, you have to do something unique with it.”

Abrams also confirms that there is absolutely no connection between LOST and Cloverfield, as he called the use of the Dharma logo a wink to his friends working on the popular sci-fi television series. You can watch the full interview with JJ Abrams below. New Photo

/Film reader Ignatius F informed me that a new photo has appeared on the old Cloverfield website The photo is a Missing Flyer featuring “Teddy Hanssen last seen 12/07/2007”

Teddy Hanssen last seen 12/07/2007

JamieTeddy Hanssen is the long-distance boyfriend of Jamie Lascano, a character who was featured extensively in the teaser trailer, but only seen in the film laying unconscious on the couch at the party. One of the viral websites, (password “jllovesth”), shows videoblogs made by Jamie talking about their relationship, which eventually turns sour. She was also revealed to be the roommate of Marlena. The couple met at a New York City club and dated briefly before Teddy left to go on a trip. In the fourth video, Jamie mentions ‘The Cause’ and says that Teddy can talk about it all he wants. In the fifth video, Teddy tells her that he’s been captured by ‘a company called Tagruato’, but she doesn’t believe him. Thinking that he was lying because he was seeing someone else, she dumped him. Included in that package was a small packet of something wrapped in silver foil with the note:

“Primary evidence. Freeze ASAP. Jamie, don’t eat this.”

Jamie later eat the contents of the packet mocking Teddy to her video camera in the eighth video posted on January 9th, less than a week before the Cloverfield Monster attacked New York City.

Jamie Eating Packet

It’s also worth noting that the back of the new photo features a weird logo and number in the corner:


The same logo is featured on a label on the DVD release (photo via Bloody Disgusting):


What does this all mean? I’m not quite sure. No one at Paramount has any clue about the new viral. From what I understand, the whole thing has always been kept internally at Bad Robot. You would think this might just something Bad Robt planned to spark interest in the DVD release.

Some people are suggesting that this could have something to do with a possible Cloverfield sequel or the rumored to be JJ Abrams project codenamed ALADYGMA. But no one I know seems to know anything about that project, to the point that I’m not sure it even exists at all. I know that sequel talk was put on the backburner when the Cloverfield monster failed to have legs, but the film has done extremely well overseas. The movie opened in Japan this weekend, and while numbers are not yet available, I’m sure it will be popular in the land of Godzilla. Check out this cool graph from CloverfieldClues.

Cloverfield Graph

The Cloverfield Monster might not have legs, but it sure has a long tail (Cloverfield hit the $80,000,000 mark in the US after making $40 million in its first weekend, it has taken another 11 weeks to double that). The film has taken in over $158 million worldwide to date.

Discuss: Do you still want to see a Cloverfield sequel?

Two Alternative Cloverfield Endings


The upcoming Cloverfield DVD release (out on April 22nd) includes two “alternative endings”, which have found their ways onto the internets. The first new ending features a clip of Rob chasing Beth around on a subway platform before 1-18-08. The second ending features a few brief mili-seconds of a man removing the camera from the rubble followed by a clip of Rob and Beth in Coney Island. Both endings are more like minor edits than full alternative conclusions. You can watch both endings after the jump.

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