Clash of the Titans in 3D

At Warner Bros presentation at ShoWest, we were shown 7-10 minutes of Clash of the Titans clips, which were upconverted and presented in 3D. I will be completely honest — it did not look great. It looked passable. General audiences might not notice the difference, but they will feel it.

To me, the live-action post-converted 3D footage looked very unnatural. At times the characters appeared to stand out like cardboard cutouts, while other times they appeared to be graphed to a computer generated 3D model, and it just looked odd. The computer animated elements look a bit better, but as a whole it was a subpar experience.

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Here’s a piece of marketing for Clash of the Titans that is at least commendably sneaky. Go to the UK version of Google. Search Kick-Ass. What do you get? In the main results, just what you’d expect to: IMDB, the official site and so on… but over in the sidebar of sponsored advertising?

First of all, you get an ad for Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros. big would-be blockbuster, which is opening in direct competition with Kick-Ass. They’ve clearly stumped up a lump and purchased some Google AdWords action. Bleeding Cool spotted this first, and made a screen cap.

But since then, there’s been some even sneakier action. A new ad has appeared, clearly purchased by Universal, the UK distributors of Kick-Ass. It reads “Don’t Be Conned. Heroes Don’t Clash, Real Heroes Kick-Ass. Join Up Now


A neat trick by team Clash, a neater trick by team Kick-Ass.


USA Today got a chance to chat with filmmaker James Cameron who filmed the unannounced Black Eyed Peas concert with 3D cameras in New York’s Times Square on Wednesday night. Cameron dropped a few interesting news tidbits, including information on the 3D release of Titanic, a possible extended cut rerelease of Avatar this Fall, more critical comments on how Hollywood is doing 3D wrong, and his thoughts on authorship of older catelog titles.

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Freida Pinto

Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto has signed on to star in Tarsem Singh‘s War of the Gods, a new Greek mythology epic which will be filmed in a like 300.

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James Cameron on MTV
MTV recently sat down with director James Cameron, and the result is a bunch of interesting, but not necessarily newsworthy, bits. I’ve embedded some of the more interesting video clips after the jump.

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The Losers Bumped Back to Summer 2010

The Losers

Box Office is reporting that Warner Bros has decided to bump Sylvain White‘s comic book adaptation The Losers from its previously announced release date of April 9th to June 4th 2010. It is assumed that the new Summer release was to give Warner Bros’ other release Clash of the Titans more breathing room. Clash had been recently pushed back to an April 2nd release due to a last-minute decision to do a post-production 3D conversion. So now The Losers will hit theaters just one week before Fox’s big screen adaptation of The A-Team. The two films have been compared in almost every write-up on the internet, and now they are set to go head to head in the Summer box office wars.’

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Clash of the Titans Posters/Banners… Now in 3D!

Warner Bros wants audiences to know that Louis Leterrier‘s Clash of the Titans remake is being released in digital 3D so they created the “very subtle” new posters and banners to promote the release. Check out the new “The Clash Begins in 3D” advertising art after the jump. Click on the images to enlarge and see the super high resolution digital photo files. Did I mention that Clash of the Titans is now going to be released in 3D?

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The fact that Clash of the Titans was being pushed back to April 2 to accommodate a last-minute conversion to 3D has been accepted as fact, even though Warner Bros. hadn’t officially said anything about the plan. Now there’s an official press release from the studio that removes any doubt. Yes, Clash of the Titans and the two halves of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are being converted to 3D and will be released in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

Prime Focus, one of the companies that worked on 3D for Avatar, is doing the Clash of the Titans conversion. WB president of domestic distribution, Dan Fellman, expressed corporate excitement for the format change and said, “We are experienced and have been successful in the conversion of 2D to 3D going back to such hits as The Polar Express, select scenes in Superman Returns and the last two Harry Potter films.”

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