Has it been three/four years already? That must mean it’s time for another Christopher Guest mockumentary. That’s still a call for celebration, no? Though the filmmaker’s last effort, For Your Consideration, may not have been too warmly received, one misstep can’t sour the name of a man who has proven himself so reliable in the past. He did after all co-write and star in This is Spinal Tap, and if that weren’t enough (Side note: It obviously is.), he’s since taken on the role of director for his films Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. Read More »


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Lots of cool film-related stuff happens in Boston, Massachusetts and not that many people are here to document it, preserve it and spread the word about it. Special screenings, Q&As, panel discussions — we have them all, and frequently too. /Film Boston aims to be a bi-weekly column that will bring you audio and video content from film-related events around the Boston area. If you don’t live in Boston, I hope that this column will give you a window into some of the cool stuff that happens here regularly. If you do live here, hopefully you’ll come here to get the heads-up on what’s been going on, and what is to come.

After the break, veterinary behaviorist Nicholas Dodman weighs in on how accurate Best in Show is, plus interviews with directors from the Boston Underground Film Festival. Also, see video a cross-dressing dude with a Hitler haircut and mustache perform a cappella. You can also subscribe to this column by RSS or by e-mail below. [Above photo: A performer at the Boston Underground Film Festival’s opening night Tokyo Steampunk party. ALL photos of this post courtesy of  Justin Moore] Read More »

Christopher Guest’s Census Commercials


I love Christopher Guest, both as an actor as a director, so I was intrigued when I heard he’d be shooting a series of viral commercials to help promote the U.S. Census (Huh?). One of the ads aired last night during the Super Bowl, costing taxpayers $2.5 million (a fact which has caused some consternation). Hit the jump to see all the commercials.
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