Here on /Film, interest in the sequel to Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight was so high, we began covering it when the previous film was still in theaters. For years, crazy rumors would pop up on a weekly basis and once the film was titled The Dark Knight Rises and casting began, the rumors got even more wild. This site alone has run almost 600 articles on the project.

Now that the film is out, there’s much to discuss. You can debate the merits of the film, find issues with its narrative, or look back at all of the rumors and see just how accurate everything was. Below, we’ve broken down several of the bigger rumors and dissected which were true (more than you’d think), which were false (less than you’d think) and try to gauge just how well you can trust internet speculation with a huge movie like The Dark Knight Rises.

Everything below the jump should be considered MASSIVE SPOILERS. Like, “give away the last shot of the movie” type spoilers. So beware until you’ve seen the film. Read More »


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The third film in Christopher Nolan‘s series of Batman movies is in theaters now. The Dark Knight Rises is Nolan’s biggest movie to date, and a particularly ambitious superhero film. This isn’t a movie in which fight scenes substitute for all the usual conversations between characters — in this film Nolan tries to bring everything together, from setpieces to fan service to deep character moments.

Christian Bale‘s Bruce Wayne deals with the lingering despair that plagued him after the events of The Dark Knight; Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and young beat cop John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) try to come to terms with what Gotham City has become in the wake of the death of Harvey Dent; and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and the masked mercenary Bane (Tom Hardy) have their own plans for the city’s elite.

The film has been the subject of rumor and speculation for years. So now that you’ve had a chance to see Nolan’s finale, tell us what you thought of the film after the break. As always with these posts, spoilers are acceptable, and even encouraged. Read More »

Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises literally brought tears to my eyes. It’s a fitting, emotional and exciting conclusion to what must now be considered one of the best cinematic trilogies in history, firmly planting its flag alongside other classic trilogies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Godfather, Back to the Future and the Lord of the Rings. Like all of those, though, there’s usually a weak link and The Dark Knight Rises is it. Nolan’s film, while a great cinematic experience, attempts to raise the stakes to such incredible, devastating and unsolvable heights, the narrative tends to lose itself from time to time.

It would be near impossible to top the perfection that is Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so, instead, Nolan takes the best things from both those movies, puts them together, and gives audiences maybe not the ending they need, but one they deserve. [Non-spoiler review follows.] Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises is a mess of a film. If The Dark Knight was filled to the brim with weighty ideas, then The Dark Knight Rises‘ cup overfloweth. Director Christopher Nolan, whose previous films have frequently dealt with the darkness of human nature, was not content with creating a light and fun summer actioner. Instead, he has packed his trilogy-concluding film so full of ideas, plot points, characters, emotional arcs, and set pieces that even with a 2 hour 45 minute runtime, none of them has any room to breathe.

But Nolan still knows how to bring the goods. His visual ambition and scope have grown exponentially over the years, and with about an hour’s worth of IMAX-native footage backed by a massive budget, he has an impressive canvas on which to paint his picture. There are sequences in this film that have a mind-boggling scale rarely attempted before. The result is a astonishing spectacle that manages to wow, despite its deep, deep flaws.

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When we last checked in on David O. Russell‘s crime drama American Bullshit, it was looking like a double reunion for the director. His Oscar-winning The Fighter actor Christian Bale was rumored for one of the leads, while Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper was in talks for the other.

Since then, however, Bale’s dropped out, and Russell’s now adding another fast-rising star to the roster. The ubiquitous Jeremy Renner is reportedly negotiating to replace Bale as FBI agent Jimmy Boyle, who teams up with “the world’s greatest con man” (Cooper) for a sting. Oh, and the movie’s not called American Bullshit any more — it’s going without a title at the moment until filmmakers and marketers can come up with something less profane. Read more details after the jump.

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For the next two weeks, avoiding spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises might be as easy as tiptoeing through a minefield. Press screenings have begun, which means fan screenings will soon start, too, and all the secrets to Christopher Nolan‘s highly anticipated conclusion of his Batman trilogy will be out in the wild. Thankfully, this brand new 13-minute featurette has very little in the way of new spoilers.

The video takes us through the obvious story arc following The Dark Knight, as it talks about cast, characters and gives a great behind the scenes look at several of the big action scenes that have been revealed to date. We see the plane, the football field, Wall Street, and more. Acting as sort of a catch-all to the previously released images, posters, trailers and commercials, this featurette is an absolute perfect way to increase your excitement for the film without ruining too much of the story. Check it out below. Read More »

We’ve seen plenty of footage from The Dark Knight Rises so far this year, but Warner Bros. has a record to break, and The Avengers isn’t going down without a fight. So here is a new TV spot for Christopher Nolan‘s third and final Batman movie. The focus here is on the interplay between Bats (Christian Bale) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), and there’s some new footage to show off their occasionally lightweight banter. Well, lightweight for this series.

In addition, after the embedded spot below is what seems to be confirmation that one long-rumored character will indeed appear in the film. If you’d rather not know the details, just check out the spot and don’t scroll down any further. Read More »

Bet you didn’t expect to see a new full-length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises this morning, complete with some great new flourishes from the score and a good dollop of new footage. But here it is.

While this trailer does feature a good amount of stuff that we’ve seen before, including a few more shots from last winter’s IMAX prologue, it hints more at one big fight between Batman at Bane, and makes the villain even more ominous than he’s seemed before, which is saying something. It also offers up one great line from Christian Bale: “I’m not afraid; I’m angry.”

Check out the trailer below. If you’ve thought the previous theatrical trailers have been too dry, this one might be just what you’re looking for. Read More »

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