Odds are, when you hear the name “Anne Rice,” you think “vampires,” thanks to her extensive catalog of tales about the beautiful bloodsuckers. So it seems a bit ironic that in these Twilight-frenzied times, the Rice book that’s on its way to the big screen isn’t any of her Vampire Chronicles volumes, but Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, which follows Jesus Christ through ages 7 and 8. Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) has signed on to produce the project, which has Cyrus Nowrasteh attached to direct. More details after the jump.

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The TV Western is definitely back in style, with several projects in various stages of development at different networks. And it seems audiences are into it as well — Hell on Wheels just gave AMC it’s second-biggest debut ever, just behind last year’s premiere of The Walking Dead.

For its part, CBS has just hatched a plan to reboot the ’50s series The Rifleman, which was originally created by a young Sam Peckinpah. Harry Potter helmer Chris Columbus is set to direct. More details after the jump.

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MGM Orders Adam Green-Scripted ‘Killer Pizza’

Adam Green (Frozen) has scripted an adaptation of Greg Taylor‘s young adult novel Killer Pizza, about a 14-year old who gets a summer job at a pizza place that is a front for a monster hunting outfit. Now MGM has picked up the script — the latest buy from the revamped studio that has bought the Eminem boxing film Southpaw and the rights to Where’s Waldo?

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In the past year, Chris Columbus has become attached to a couple different films as producer and possible director (Hello Ghost, Percy Jackson 2 ) and now he’s got one more. He’s in talks to direct The Secret Lives of Road Crews, which sounds like the title of a drenched-in-irony memoir, but is really a comedic action script by Kevin Lund and T.J. Scott that involves subterranean monsters and the men assembled to combat them. Read More »

This week is the 27th anniversary of the opening of the Chris Columbus-scripted film Gremlins (June 8, 1984 was the big day) so perhaps we can blame this one on an aging impish green guy. 1492 Pictures, the company owned by Chris Columbus, has taken the remake rights to the André Øvredal film Troll Hunter, and hired Marc Haimes to script an English-language remake. This is only the latest chapter in Troll Hunter‘s path to a remake, however. Read the history, and see what Chris Columbus has to say, after the break.   Read More »

Chris Columbus broke into the big time with a trio of fan-favorite ’80s genre/comedy scripts: Gremlins, The Goonies and The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes, and cemented himself as a mainstream hitmaker by directing Home Alone. In the years since, his directorial career turned into the equivalent of managing a Crate & Barrel: it makes money and your mom probably loves it, but it isn’t likely to make anyone sit up and take notice. His best moments were probably the early Harry Potter casting decisions, while recent forays back into movies with teen appeal (I Love You Beth Cooper and Percy Jackson and the Olympians) were met with shrugs.

What to make, then, of the decision to remake a goofy-looking Korean comedy with a supernatural bent? Chris Columbus has signed to produce a remake of Hello Ghost, in which a suicidal man is haunted by four ghosts who each want his help. Whether he will direct or not is unknown at this point. Read More »

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Briefly: Another slow-ish news day, another rumor. The rumor du jour is that, while David Goyer is interested in directing the new Superman film being assembled over at Warner Bros., the studio has someone else in mind. Reportedly, WB’s idea for the best Superman director is Chris Columbus.

The report comes from the Superman homepage, and I really hope it is fabricated, exaggerated, or in some way wrong. Columbus has his strengths, or had them as a writer. But I can’t muster up much love for either the first two Harry Potter films, and while Percy Jackson had high points, it also never turned into anything very memorable.

Columbus could turn in a movie that hits all the story points, but I don’t have faith that he could deliver one that really flies. Besides, with Christopher Nolan overseeing the movie, can you really see him giving the nod to Columbus? I can’t.

In the absence of official word to confirm or deny, what do you think about the idea of a Chris Columbus Superman?

Killer Pizza

Hatchet/Frozen helmer Adam Green will direct a big screen adaptation of Greg Taylor‘s young adult novel Killer Pizza for Chris Columbus‘ 1492 Pictures. The action comedy tells the story of a 14-year-old who gets a summer job at Killer Pizza, which turns out to be a front for a monster-hunting organization.

What excites me most about this film is that it sounds like the kind of films that Columbus was creating in the 1980’s Amblin era of Gremlins and The Goonies. Also, while I have yet to see Green’s Hatchet, I was impressed with his contained three person single-location thriller Frozen, which premiered at Sundance.
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Gremlins Poster

A couple weeks back it was rumored that a third Gremlins film was in the very early stages of development, and that it was being created with 3-D in mind. If that is true, someone forgot to tell executive producer Steven Spielberg and screenwriter (now director) Chris Columbus.

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