Cool Stuff: Brandon Schaefer’s Movie Posters

25-year-old Massachusetts-based graphic artist Brandon Schaefer has created an impressive collection of retro-minimal movie posters. The Ghostbusters-inspired posters above have been making the internet rounds recently, but Schaefer has a huge portfolio of posters, some of which can even be purchased as prints on Check out some of his posters, after the jump.
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It’s a crazy, mixed up world and we are all thankful for movies, new and old, that offer proof. After the jump, we’ll examine trailers stuffed with images and ideas so nuts they could make a turkey turn crimson. For example, one for the new independent film, Black Devil Doll, about a murderous black power enthusiast who is deep-fried in prison, only to return by way of Quija Board in the shape of an anthropomorphic, horny dummy. I’ve seen the film. It exists and belongs behind bars. Also discussed are Gone With the Pope (horribly awesome trailer of oh nine?), the new in-flight, creature feature Altitude, and Hausu, the wacky Japanese cat-horror classic being blessed by Janus Film/Criterion.

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary DVD of Child’s Play, a gang of Chuckys brandishing butcher knives and axes were unleashed in Times Square. Did any of our readers karate kick one? Do tell below. On a previous /Filmcast, we joked that the planned Child’s Play remake would feature Chucky as a real boy instead of a dated My Buddy doll, but this is twice creepy. Shades of David Cronenberg’s The Brood. And maybe it’s me, but in a few of the photos from the London Paper, one of the Chuckys is kinda hefty. Missing yuppies?

Gimme Remakes: Child’s Play and Candyman

Unfortunately, Chucky and the Candyman will not be giving each other Colombian neckties or enjoying a round of Stella Artois. Both of these horror staples will soon be the recipients of separate theatrical remakes, and Candyman might even become a white dude. But first, news about the redheaded, plastic enfant terrible, who just turned the big 2-0 (whoa)…

The producers of the Child’s Play franchise, which is five films deep, are making the press rounds and reassuring fans that their remake will be faithful. Don Mancini, who wrote all of the prior films and directed Seed of Chucky, will pull double-duty on the 2010 remake, and confirmed to AICN that Chucky’s voice actor, Brad Dourif, will return. Admirably, Mancini and peeps are not fond of CGI, and he added…

“I think what we are mainly responding to, [producer David Kirschner] and I, is the will of the fans, which is really telling us that they want to see a scary Chucky movie again. They want to go back to the straightforward horror rather than the horror comedy.”

Mancini, Kirschner and Michelle Gold admit that their remake is riding the trend wave, but it’s the best way to go. Continuing down the satirical road of Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky would offer smaller returns creatively and financially. And Chucky is an iconic little bastard, so another film is a given. Let Slashfilm posit the idea of a Leprechaun cameo.

Over at Shock, there’s talk of a Candyman remake from Sony. There was a time when I thought the 1992 Clive Barker adaptation was one of the scariest flicks I’d ever seen. Need to revisit. And if you’ve seen 1995’s sequel, Farewell to the Flesh, you were privy to one of the most comical destructions of a house ever caught on film. Played by Tony Todd, Candyman was a son-of-slaves with a belly of bees who haunted Chicago’s Cabrini-Green projects with a bloody stub and hook. A twist on Bloody Mary, the widespread suburban legend, victims conjured Candyman by saying his name five times into a mirror. Shock reports that Sony is considering making Candyman a Caucasian, which would call for a new origin, eh? No writer or director is attached. Early stages.

Discuss: Which is scarier: the original Child’s Play or the original Candyman? Your thoughts on new theatrical films for these supernatural weirdos?

Child’s Play Remake

Child's PlayAny who had a MyBuddy when they were a child, was terrified of the Chucky films (Yes, even though at times the animatronics were rather lame). But I think even most Horror fans lost interest in the series before The Seed of Chucky was even conceived.

My friend Alex at FirstShowing was at the Martian Child junket where producer David Kirschner revealed that they are working on a all-out remake of the first Chucky movie, Child’s Play. The film has not yet been given the greenlight, in fact, it’s just being written now (by Child’s Play screenwriter Don Mancini), but Kirschner promised that it would definitely be “more terrifying” than the previous films. No director is attached.

If this Child’s Play remake does get off the ground, it will be interesting to see if they use anamatronic puppets or a computer generated Chucky. My suggestion is that they use a mix, using the CG mostly for the action sequences. The Chucky movies kind of became a parody of themselves, and I’m not sure if anyone from the new generation actually takes them seriously. So I’m curious to see how people may react to a more horror/thriller orientated remake. But the real question is: should they even be making a remake at all? Rob Zombie’s Halloween was bashed by most fans and newcomers because while it did add some back-story to the Michael Myers character, it also took away from his mysteriousness.