Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: I celebrate all levels of trailers and hopefully this column will satisfactorily give you a baseline of what beta wave I’m operating on, because what better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? Some of the best authors will tell you that writing a short story is a lot harder than writing a long one, that you have to weigh every sentence. What better medium to see how this theory plays itself out beyond that than with movie trailers?

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Rupert Grint’s Cherrybomb Trailer


An R-Rated promotional trailer for Cherrybomb, a film which stars Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter series. Cherrybomb tells the story of a group of teenagers (Grint, Robert Sheehan and Kimberley Nixon) who embark on a wild weekend of drinking, drugging, shop-lifting and car stealing. But the fun turns deadly  when the three discover that they can’t stop the wild ride. The film debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival in February but has yet to be slotted with a domestic release. Watch the trailer after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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