Chappaquiddick review

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” declared then-candidate Donald Trump in the middle of the 2016 Republican primaries. Perhaps he was well acquainted with the chapter in the life of Ted Kennedy, the legendary “lion of the Senate,” chronicled in John Curran’s Chappaquiddick – and how it ultimately failed to move the needle among his constituents. Despite lies, misrepresentations and cover-ups, Kennedy’s involvement in the death of a political aide now serves as little more than a footnote on his Wikipedia page.

Curran, with stone-faced intent and brutal focus, makes the case that such an incident cannot help but illuminate the true character of a man. People may not need to reconcile Kennedy’s deficient response to a tragedy of his own creation with his legacy of championing liberal causes. But Chappaquiddick provides a sobering, non-ideological reminder that if such deeds do not become a part of a public figure’s narrative, then a frightening impunity for elected officials can reign.

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Sam Taylor-Johnson directing Fifty Shades of Grey

Now that she’s broken free of the bonds of Fifty Shades of Grey, Sam Taylor-Johnson has moved on to a scandalous saga of a different sort. She’s in talks to direct Chappaquiddick, about Ted Kennedy’s 1969 car accident that killed his passenger. The script by Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan landed on the 2015 Black List earlier this week.

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