Based on the cast alone, Horrible Bosses is starting to look like one of the more promising studio comedies on the horizon. The film about three friends who conspire to kill each others’ bosses already has Charlie Day and Jason Bateman as two of the three friends, and Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell as two of the bosses. Jamie Foxx, meanwhile, plays “a scam artist who dishes killing advice to the three regular guys.”

Now Jason Sudeikis is joining; he’ll play the third friend, leaving just the final boss to cast. King of Kong‘s Seth Gordon is directing. [THR]

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What was it I just said earlier about today being a day for coverage of sequels nobody wants? Oh, hello there, Saw VII 3D! LionsGate is at work on what may be the final chapter in the Saw franchise (oh, who are we kidding?) with editor turned director Kevin Greutert literally chained to the wheel. Now we’ve got a full cast lineup, including details on the return of Cary Elwes and an official take on the plot. Read More »

Robert Zemeckis Finds His Yellow Submarine Voice Cast


The 3D and motion capture work in Avatar may be the biggest cinematic talking points going right now but don’t forget about Robert Zemeckis. He’s been in the mocap and 3D trenches, and is moving forward with a remake of the animated Beatles film Yellow Submarine. The film will use mocap and CGI to recreate the hand-drawn animation of the original film, while a small collection of voices will stand in as the new Beatles. Meet the quartet after the break. Read More »

Saw Future Revealed on Xbox Live?


There’s something in this post that constitutes a potential major spoiler for Saw VI, so I’m going to hide it after the break. First of all, though, I’ll tell you how it surfaced.

Bloody Disgusting received a tip-off from a reader who had last night been perusing the movies available through the X-Box Live service. When they called up the synopsis posted for Saw V, however, it was clearly inappropriate. This was not the story of the last Saw film at all… could it be the plotline for the next? And what are these hints about a returning character…?

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Jack Black Goes To A Renaissance Fair

Jack Black in Hollywood

I always thought that Renaissance Fairs would be a perfect setting for a comedy. People all dressed up presenting to be in the past – the concept itself is even funny. ScreenDaily reports that Jack Black has been cast in the upcoming romantic comedy Ye Olde Times, a film which is about two Ren competing Fairs. Black is set to play Professor Shockworthy, the narrator of the film and tutor of the (yet to be cast) romantically entwined leads. The under $10 million flick also stars Tim Robbins, Will Arnett and Cary Elwes. John C Reilly is even set to film a cameo. Sounds like a promising concept.

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