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The hiring of brothers Anthony and Joe Russo to direct Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a pleasant surprise. The two have experience on television (Community, Arrested Development) and features (Welcome to Collinwood, You, Me and Dupree) and their resume is just the sort that Marvel seems to really like at the moment. They’re proven working in existing narrative environments, where they deliver on time and with budget restrictions. More important, they’ve got good chops with character interactions and ensembles.

But if this film sticks close to the comic book storyline referenced in the title, it will be something different from the Russos’ previous work. The Winter Soldier is a military espionage story as much as it is a superhero tale — moreso, in some ways — and could provide a very specific challenge. Co-director Anthony Russo addressed some questions about the brothers’ approach to the story in a recent interview. Read More »


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The Marvel Studios panel just began in Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con, and president Kevin Feige didn’t waste any time announcing loads of new details. He was preceeded by a video reel that proclaimed “Phase Two Begins Now!” and gave titles to a pair of Marvel sequels, Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: The Winter Solider.

That Cap sequel title should make a lot of people happy, and tells fans a lot about the storyline of the sequel — pretty much everything we need to know, really. We should see scenes that take place in World War II as we learn the truth about Cap’s sidekick Bucky, and then scenes in the present day in which the seemingly dead soldier is revived as a personality that isn’t exactly friendly to Cap.

In addition to those titles, Endgar Wright showed up to help announce Ant-Man, and that’s going on as I type this. We suspect some test footage will be shown, and Germain will have an update on Ant-Man in a few minutes.

In the meantime, Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on August 1 2014. That’s the logo above, and a concept shot of the team is after the break, along with new logos for the other films.

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Lots of odds and ends today in Sequel Bits. Here we go:

  • It seems a video game based on The Expendables 2 will be coming out.
  • Dominic Cooper isn’t sure if Howard Stark will return in Captain America 2.
  • 20th Century Fox is sending out a great Taken 2 Father’s Day card.
  • Kevin Smith promises Jay and Silent Bob’s animated film will be rolled out in 2013.

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Well, this is interesting, and possibly a good idea. Anthony and Joe Russo, the brothers who worked on Community and also wrote and directed the caper comedy Welcome to Collinwood, are in talks to direct the Captain America sequel for Marvel Studios. Read More »

NOTE: This post deals with a major plot point in The Avengers. If you haven’t seen it, please turn away, major spoilers follow.

Ever since the first Iron Man, one character has been the rock of the Marvel Universe: Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg. Though he didn’t appear in The Incredible Hulk or Captain America: The First Avenger, we know from The Avengers he’s very familar with “the big guy” and quite a fan of Mr. Rogers too. Add that to appearances in both Iron Man films, Thor and The Avengers and you understand why he’s such a fan favorite. He’s the human personification of the connectivity in the Marvel Movie Universe. That’s why, when Joss Whedon decides to kill him in The Avengers (I warned you there would be spoilers) you really feel something for him as does the team.

This is a comic book world though and ever since The Avengers started breaking box office records fans wondered if the tried and true practice of comic book resurrection would happen in the movies for Agent Coulson. There’s evidence and speculation on both sides of the spectrum. Read More »

I’d like to welcome all the new Marvel Studios fans to the fold. The Avengers hit the $1B mark this weekend, and it is on track to break all sorts of impressive-sounding box office records. That implies that there are a lot of happy returning Marvel fans who’ve been on board for the ride since Iron Man was released a few years ago, but there are also a lot of new converts.

This update is mostly for the new followers. In a video interview with Bloomberg, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talks about the studio’s future plans. Feige speaks with some specificity about the plans to shoot new films over the course of the next year: first Iron Man 3, then Thor 2 and Captain America  2. He also explains that the studio has two films planned that are as yet unannounced. Those who’ve been following along with Marvel’s developments over the past couple years will be familiar with that plan. But for the new fans, check out the video interview below. Read More »

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Thanks in a large part to this past weekend’s The Avengers, we’ve got a ton of superhero-related odds and ends for you today. After the jump:

  • Kick-Ass illustrator claims sequel will shoot this summer
  • Scarlett Johansson really wants a Black Widow spinoff
  • Joss Whedon isn’t ready to think about Avengers 2 yet
  • Captain America 2 will be closely linked to Avengers
  • Ben Kingsley is still developing his Iron Man 3 character

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A poster, some behind-the-scenes footage, and a rather intriguing bit of potential casting lurk in this edition of Sequel Bits. After the jump:

  • A rumor says David Tennant wants to do Fast Six
  • Peter Berg is still really excited to do Hancock 2
  • Kevin Feige teases a change of pace for Captain America 2
  • Here’s what goes on behind the scenes of Men in Black 3
  • TRON: Uprising poster promises to re-program the future

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Maybe you heard, but Marvel’s The Avengers is coming out in a few weeks and it’s pretty damn good. Joss Whedon’s superhero epic had its world premiere this week and the cast and crew have begun their whirlwind international press tour, which included several interviews with /Film. Some will be posted soon, others – the ones that deal with major spoilers – will be held until after the release.

Several outlets have begun posting their findings, though, and much of the talk is obviously looking forward to the next round of Marvel films: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Captain America 2 – all of which are confirmed, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Dr. Strange and The Inhumans, which are each in various stages of development.

After the jump, we’ve complied on all of those films. Click below to read those and check back soon for our interviews with the cast and crew and The Avengers. Read More »