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In what I’d argue was one of the biggest snubs in Oscar history, the Academy Awards’ failure to nominate The Wrestler for Best Picture showed not only a lack of appreciation for director Darren Aronofsky’s emotionally devastating, richly affecting tale of a lonely man trying to fill the empty void in his life, but also a lack of foresight. While movies like The Reader and Frost/Nixon are likely to be forgotten in less than five years, I predict this is a movie that will only grow in appeal; Mickey Rourke’s heart-wrenchingly honest performance ensures it.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: A ‘Within the Ring’ featurette, and a ‘The Wrestler’ music video by Bruce Springsteen.

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Amazon – $16.99

What? $5 Gift Card with purchase of DVD.
Where? Fry’s.

What? Save $5 when you buy both The Wrestler and Notorious.
Where? Best Buy.

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DVD Review: Caprica


If Battlestar Galactica asked the question “How would humanity survive a holocaust led by our most advanced technology?”, Caprica asks “At what point does our need for progress supplant our humanity?” Even though it’s set a mere 58 years before the events of the Galactica series, Caprica has a startlingly different tone. It makes sense, I suppose, since there are no Cylons hunting humans down to extinction (yet). Instead, Caprica gives us a look at a society on the brink of civilization-changing technological discoveries—with all of the hubris that follows unchecked progress.

For those confused by the release of Caprica, the DVD and digital download being released today is actually an uncut version of the 90-minute pilot. The series proper won’t start airing until early 2010, at which point we’ll also see a more tame version of the pilot aired as well. I’m not sure about the logic in waiting so long to premiere the series—Sci-Fi is aching for new content and BSG is the closest thing they’ve had to a hit in some time. It would make more sense to try and get this on the air by Fall 2009. Then again, this is the same network that spread the release of the fourth Galactica across 2008 and 2009 for no good reason. Read More »

Caprica: 7 Video Clips

caprica glasses

Just when you thought Battlestar Galactica was over, the Sci-Fi Channel has released seven clips from the prequel movie/series Caprica.

An astonishing breakthrough is taking shape on the planet Caprica. The rapidly evolving spheres of human and mechanical engineering have collided, along with the fates of two families. Joined by tragedy in an explosive instant of terror, two rival clans led by powerful patriarchs, Joseph Adama (Esai Morales) and Daniel Greystone (Eric Stoltz) duel in an era of questionable ethics, corporate machinations and unbridled personal ambition as the final war for humanity looms. The latest phenomenon from the executive producers of Battlestar Galactica (Ronald D. Moore and David Eick), set in a time over 50 years earlier, Caprica is entirely its own world – provocative, thrilling and startling relevant to our own.

So far, I’m not impressed. It seems like the typical cliched family drama set in the world of BSG, but set on an earth-like planet instead of a spaceship. It should be noted that I wasn’t immediately sucked in by the initial BSG miniseries, but went on to devour the first few seasons over the course of just a few days. You can watch the seven clips after the jump, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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This is a tough time for Battlestar Galactica fans. Not only do we have to wait until January to satisfy our BSG addiction (an artificial delay so that Sci-Fi could string along viewership into 2009), it will also be a bittersweet return since the remaining 10 episodes will be the last we see of the series. Of course the possibility for further BSG films still exists (a la Razor), but for now we can only brace ourselves for the end.

With their best property ever on its way out, it’s no surprise at all that Sci-Fi has decided to greenlight the proposed prequel series, Caprica. A 2 hour pilot film has already been produced, and Sci-Fi has ordered an additional 18 hours. The only downside to the series getting greenlit now is that we won’t be seeing anything until 2010, even though the pilot is done. Production on the series proper is scheduled to begin during the summer of 2009.

Set 50 years before Battlestar Galactica, the series follow two rival families, the Graystones, whose artificial intelligence breakthrough lead to the creation of the Cylons, and the Adamas. Judging from the trailer below, and the scattered information available online, I expect the series to be something akin to BSG meets Dynasty.

And yes, that worries me too.

I don’t think that Ron Moore would willingly let someone destroy his legacy, and since he’s still exec. producing the series with BSG veteran David Eick, I’m confident that they’ll make this work. Remi Aubuchon (24), who co-wrote the pilot with Moore, also joins in with the executive producing duties. Expect the series to be more about the walk-and-talk, and less so on the action elements from BSG.

Refresh your memory on the pilot by checking out the teaser below:

Find the full press release after the break:
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Caprica Trailer

A trailer for the Battlestar Galactica prequel television movie Caprica has been released online on I’m a big fan of Ron Moore’s series, but this family drama just doesn’t look interesting to me.

The movie/back-door pilot takes place fifty to seventy years before the events shown in Ronald Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. Billed as “television’s first science fiction family saga”, the show is set against the story of Joseph Adama, a renowned civil liberties lawyer and father of future Battlestar commander William Adama. Joseph becomes an opponent of the experiments undertaken by the Graystones, owners of the computer giant spearheading the development of a series of breakthrough robotics which will ultimately lead to the birth of the Cylons.

According to Wikipedia: “The Graystones include father Daniel, a computer genius; mother Amanda, a brilliant surgeon and unfaithful wife; and their daughter, Zoe, who is martyred to her boyfriend’s religious fanaticism – but not before she installs the rudimentary elements of her personality and DNA into a machine, creating a digital twin of herself, Zoe-A. After the human Zoe’s death, Daniel uses these raw materials, some stolen technology and his own grief to cobble together ‘a robotic version of his dead daughter.’ This robot version, known as Zoe-R, is a Cylonic Eve, the first of her kind.”

What do you guys think?

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