I just wrote about Butter the other day — that’s the Black List script by Jason Micallef that is becoming a comedy with satirical overtones starring Rob Corddry and Jennifer Garner. Now Ashley Greene, aka the one reason I’d think about ever wanting to watch any of the Twilight films, is signing on to play “a rebellious high school teenager.” I still love the core idea — an Iowa butter-carving competition is allegory for the 2008 Democratic caucus — and this cast is really shaping up. [THR]

After the break, new work for a Glee cast member and some terribly exciting news about the third Big Momma’s House movie. Actually, the opposite — the only exciting news would be that it isn’t happening. Read More »


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It’s about time we got some really overt (and good) satire about the political events of the last couple years. The Jason Miscallef script Butter, which placed high on the 2008 Black List, may be the ticket. It tells the story of the contestants of an Iowa butter-carving competition, but as an allegory for recent political maneuvering. Sort of.

Now Rob Corddry is set to take the male lead, opposite Jennifer Garner. Read More »

Jennifer Garner to star in Butter

butter garner

Jennifer Garner has officially signed on to star in Jason Micallef‘s political satire Butter for Mandate. The Nicholl Fellowship-winning screenplay was listed at the #3 spot on the 2008 Black List (a listing of the best unproduced screenplays of that year).

Described as Election meets Best in Show, Butter tells the story of a black orphan who is adopted by a Midwestern family, and discovers she has an uncanny talent for butter-carving. She finds herself up against Laura Pickler (Garner), the ambitious wife of the retired reigning champion, turning a small town’s annual butter-sculpting contest into a center for controversy and jealousy.  [THR]