Drew Pearce To Adapt Marvel’s Runaways


Marvel Studios has hired British screenwriter Drew Pearce to write the big screen adaptation to Brian K Vaughan‘s Runaways. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist helmer Peter Sollett is signed to helm the adaptation.

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Video Blog: The Future of Marvel Movies

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Earlier today, Hayley Atwell was cast as the female lead in The First Avenger: Captain America. When geek news like this breaks, I’ll often talk to Steve from Collider on the phone and we’ll tell each other what we think. It’s conversations like these that originally led to us to record our first video blogs. After a few minutes of talking this afternoon, we realized with the recent announcement of Joss Whedon on The Avengers movie, we both had a lot to say about not only Captain America and The Avengers, but the future of Marvel movies and the choices the studio has made and might make in the future.

So we recorded a video blog on the future of the Marvel movie universe. Some of the things we discussed were Marvel casting and directorial choices thus far, the pros and cons of Joss Whedon, casting unknowns versus movie stars, what’s up with Ant-Man and is Edgar Wright going to direct it, is Marvel being cheap with their actors and directors, did Jon Favreau get offered Avengers, Thor talk, The Runaways talk, will the merger of Marvel and Disney lead to a Pixar Marvel movie, why hasn’t someone hired Brian K. Vaughan to direct a movie, and Frosty pitches a television show concept called The Marvel Universe , which would be a perfect fit on ABC.

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Y: The Last Man

Latino Review is reporting a rumor that Louis Leterrier, director of The Incredible Hulk and Clash of the Titans, is circling a big screen adaptation of Brian K Vaughan‘s Y: The Last Man. If you haven’t yet read the series, pick up the paperback (or the new hardcover) of the first volume, as I very highly recommend it. You may recall that Eagle Eye/Disturbia director DJ Caruso was orginally trying to get the film into production with actor Shia LaBeouf. Screenwriters Carl Ellsworth and Jeff Vintar contributed drafts, as did comic co-creator Vaughn, but in the end the project fell flat.

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Brian K. Vaughan

I usually don’t write about projects that don’t yet have a buyer, but I’m a big fan of comic book writer turned screenwriter Brian K. Vaughan, and have been watching his every move.

Vaughan is best known for the critically acclaimed Y: The Last Man Series and various other comic books including Runaways. Vaughan joined the television show LOST as a co-producer and writer mid-way through Season 3, but left last year. His presence could be felt though the pop culture-infused dialogue (who would win in a race, superman or the flash? Hurley writing Empire Strikes Back. Hurley reading a foreign issue of Brian’s Y: The Last Man at the airport) and some of the series’ epic plot twists and cliffhangers. Vaughan has been working to invade Hollywood, writing screenplays including: a twist on the King Arthur legend titled Roundtable setup at Dreamworks,  developing his Marvel comic Runwaways, a big screen adaptation of his Vertigo comic series Y: The Last Man which has been stalling over at New Line/Warner Bros, and an adaptation of his comic Ex Machina is in development over at BenderSpink.

So what is he up to now? The tracking boards are abuzz about Vaughan’s latest spec screenplay The Vault, which CAA has been supposedly shopping to various studios this week. More details after the jump.

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Brian K. Vaughan Leaves Lost

Brian K Vaughan

Comic book scribe turned screenwriter Brian K. Vaughan has certainly made his mark on the hit show Lost. But everything good must eventually come to an end. Lost producer Damon Lindelof has confirmed on the DocArzt & Friends Lost Podcast that Vaughan will not be returning for the sixth and final season of the series, and “has left for greener pastures.”

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McG To Get Medieval On Your Bottom


The ever-wonderful Production Weekly have Tweeted up their latest uncovering. It’s short enough to quote in its entirety, so here goes:

McG is attached to direct Medieval, a spec script by Mike Finch & Alex Litvak, described as The Dirty Dozen set in medieval times.

As far as I know, Finch and Litvak previously worked together when Litvak was a producer moving Finch’s Adrenaline through development. I guess co-writing is a new thing for them because I can’t find any reports or trace of other scripts they’ve tapped out in partnership.

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Y: The Last Man Movie Update

Y The Last Man

The best series in Comic Books today is Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man. A big screen adaptation has been in the works since early 2006. It’s currently set-up at New Line Cinema. Has the project fallen into development hell? Let’s get an update.

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