Because you demanded it! Or because one movie isn’t enough for all of Breaking Dawn‘s rib-breaking, belly-chewing, vampire-baby lovin’ goodness. Or because The Twilight Saga: New Moon made a metric fuckton of money. Whatever the reason, Summit Entertainment isn’t just promising to make a film based on the final book in Stephanie Meyer‘s Twilight series. They’re talking about making two. Read More »


Okay, you guys don’t have any time for Twilight, I get it. But what do you know about how utterly bizarre – and seemingly unmarketable – the fourth book in the series, Breaking Dawn gets? It’s not your standard mopey emo fare, that’s for sure.

There’s been plenty of speculation about when, or even if, Summit could bring Breaking Dawn to the screen. It’s a story that features a surprising amount of sex, even some rather surreal sex, and perhaps some transgressive sexual perversity – some notches beyond the vamp biting stuff from the series overall, which is a “safe” sexual metaphor acceptable for the tween market now, it would seem.

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Summit Developing Three Twilight Sequels

Twilight doesn’t hit theaters until next Friday, and Summit Entertainment has already aquired the rights to the next three novels in Stephenie Meyer‘s vampire romance series. According to THR, Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg has signed on to pen the next two screenplays, based on the books New Moon (you can read the first chapter here) and Eclipse. A writer has not been hired to adapt the fourth book, Breaking Dawn.

The films themselves have yet to be officially greenlit, but I’m sure after the first film does monster business next week, it will only be a matter of time. Word is that Summit would like to shoot the next two films back to back, as they did with The Matrix sequels and Lord of the Rings trilogy.