Today we have a nice mix of shows that don’t even exist yet, shows that have already been cancelled, and everything in between. After the jump:

  • Baz Luhrmann is making his first foray into television
  • Tina Fey plans tostick to television after 30 Rock ends
  • Carlton Cuse brings Richard Alpert to the Bates Motel
  • Christopher Guest adds old friends to his HBO comedy
  • Revolution star David Meunier will return to Justified
  • Rita Wilson will not go naked on Girls, if you were curious
  • Here’s what would’ve happened on Terra Nova Season 2
  • AMC offhandedly reveals The Walking Dead renewal
  • Fringe‘s final season gets an intense full-length trailer
  • See Haley Joel Osment in It’s Always Sunny ad

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Plenty of offices around the country have already begun winding down for the holidays, but apparently Showtime and HBO had a few things to get out of the way first. Meanwhile, Fox is still holding out on a decision on Terra Nova til the new year — though the producers are apparently feeling optimistic. After the jump:

  • HBO renews Enlightened, axes Bored to Death, Hung, and How to Make It in America
  • Showtime drops a trailer for Shameless Season 2
  • Dexter showrunner Scott Buck talks about the finale’s climactic moments
  • Homeland exec producers discuss the tense first season finale
  • Terra Nova producers are “guardedly optimistic” about the show’s chances for a second season

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Terra Nova

When the show was bumped from an announced panel at Comic-Con, we should have known something was up. The Steven Spielberg-produced Fox sci-fi television series Terra Nova has been delayed. Fox said today that the pilot episode won’t be ready until May 2011, back from the originally discussed Winter 2010 debut. Even worse, the actual series won’t premiere until Fall 2011. I’m assuming they’ll do a sneak preview of the pilot episode during next year’s Comic-Con, and maybe a wide sneak preview online or at a special date/time.

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Steven Spielberg has found a show-runner for his upcoming time travel dinosaur Fox television series Terra Nova: Brannon Braga, a producer and writer of various Star Trek tv shows from 1990-2005 including The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise, in addition to Flash Forward and the last couple seasons of 24.

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