Suicide Squad

So far, Warner Bros.’ DC Universe has focused mostly on big, iconic figures like Superman and Batman. But the DC Comics stable stretches far beyond the Justice League, and now the studio is looking to bring some lesser known properties to the silver screen.

According to a new report, David Goyer is working on lower-budget adaptations of more obscure titles like Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Deathstroke, and Team 7. Hit the jump for more details on these developing projects.

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There are more Stephen King film and TV adaptations than most people could count — only the most die-hard fan or serious film and TV trainspotter would be likely to remember them all. But there is a small subset of King’s fiction that has remained largely untapped: fantasy.

The author doesn’t have a lot of books that fit into the fantasy column. The Dark Tower series is primary among them, and then there is the Peter Straub collaboration The Talisman, in which a young boy makes a cross-country journey by flipping back and forth between our world and a parallel fantasy one.

Those are big books, and have resisted adaptation so far. (The Dark Tower might make it to screens soon.) One of King’s other fantasy efforts is more slight, and perhaps more suited for adaptation: The Eyes of the Dragon, a fairy tale he originally created for his daughter, and eventually published in 1987. If Syfy has its way, the book could end up on screens soon. Read More »

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