This is odd: a new story in The Mirror seems to be suggesting that Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Bruno is still a work in progress whereas just the other day we were talking about it’s submission to, and subsequent controversial certification by, the MPAA. Rather than presuming the entire story is bunkum, I’m thinking that The Mirror are just tangling a few things up or missing out the few facts that would help it all make sense. Either that or – shock horror – the MPAA are in the business of giving ratings to incomplete films.

Their report tells us that during the film, Bruno records a charity record called Dove of Peace. It’s reportedly a satire on the Band Aid-style collaborative charity track, and both Bono and Chris Martin have recorded contributions, with other stars lined up to take part too.

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Julie Taymor to direct Spider-Man Musical

Green GoblinAcademy Award nominated director Julie Taymor (Frida, Titus, Across the Universe) will be directing a Spider-Man Musical. That’s right, a musical. According to SHH, the New York City theater production will feature the music and lyrics of Bono and Edge from U2. Tell me the date, and I’ll be there.

Taymor received the 1998 Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical for her work on The Lion King, becoming the first woman in Tony Award history to receive the prize. The production is currently casting, with rehearsals set to begin on July 2nd.

Universal Studios Hollywood has an unrelated Spider-Man musical titled Spider-Man Rocks! Rock-n-Roll Musical (Green Goblin pictured above, photo credit: Ron Reznick). I found videos from the aforementioned show on YouTube. Check them out below followed by the official casting notice. Let’s hope Julie and Bono can produce something better (at least with some better costumes and music at least).
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As you probably know, Across the Universe is one of the under-the-radar films we’ve been really looking forward to. Universe is a love story set against the backdrop of the 1960s, described as a “romantic musical” told through numerous Beatles songs performed by the characters. You can watch the theatrical trailer at this link.

Anyway, it seems like the movie studio and director are having a huge disagreement about the final cut (which is never good). It could lead to Academy Award nominated director Julie Taymor (Frida, Titus) removing her name from the project.
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