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If you haven’t already figured it out, Sunday’s Breaking Bad panel at San Diego Comic-Con was fantastic. Bryan Cranston in a Bryan Cranston mask, the first few minutes of the new season screened, it was an hour jam-packed with awesome.

Besides those two standout moments, there was also a fantastic conversation between moderator Chris Hardwick and creator Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Bob Odenkirk and RJ Mitte. Hardwick revealed the final eight episodes of the show will be followed by Talking Bad, a recap show he’ll host to help us digest what we see in each episode. Plus, the team talked about how one major death was imagined differently, the tone on set and their level of satisfaction with the ending. Below, check out the 12 things we learned about Breaking Bad and watch an excellent five season recap video. Read More »


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Saul Goodman Breaking Bad Bob Odenkirk

Just a few weeks remain until the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad begin to air on AMC. Fans across the world have begun to rewatch the previous seasons in anticipation. (New Yorkers can catch prior seasons of the show for free at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater from July 26-30.) There’s a good chance, however, that the world of Breaking Bad be closed for good come this fall.

For months we’ve heard show creator Vince Gilligan was considering a spin-off series focusing on Walter White’s crooked lawyer, Saul Goodman, memorably played by Bob Odenkirk. Gilligan admitted he wants to do the show, but has been unsure of how to go about it. Prequel? Maybe a sequel? In a new interview, Gilligan doesn’t answer that question, but does say he and fellow writer Peter Gould are moving “full speed ahead” with the project. They hope to pitch it to Sony in the near future. As of now, it’s Gilligan’s only planned post-Breaking Bad project. Read More »

The Spectacular Now

In James Ponsoldt‘s last film, Smashed, binge-drinking helped tear two married people apart. In his new one, The Spectacular Now, it brings two very different teens together, albeit in an unexpected way.

Miles Teller stars as popular, hard-partying Sutter, who drinks himself to oblivion one night after getting dumped by his girlfriend. He wakes up on the lawn of a classmate, sweet sci-fi geek Aimee (Shailene Woodley). Despite their differences, the two find themselves inexorably drawn together.

That setup may not sound like much of anything special, but the rave reviews out of Sundance indicate that Ponsoldt makes the most of it. Check out the first trailer and poster after the jump.

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Breaking Bad - Saul Goodman

Walter White’s torturous journey will come to an end one way or another this summer, as Breaking Bad concludes its fifth and final season. But one of his business partners could stick around AMC a little while longer.

The cable channel is reportedly eyeing a Breaking Bad spinoff series centered on Saul Goodman, the sleazy but competent lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk. This development comes months after series creator Vince Gilligan first floated the idea. At the time, he admitted that the potential project was nowhere near production. Now that Breaking Bad is on the verge of ending its acclaimed run, though, AMC is apparently willing to give it some serious consideration. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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At the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, I was blown away by a film called (500) Days of Summer. When I interviewed director Marc Webb in Park City that year, he exclusively revealed that he was working with the 500 Days writing team of Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber on a adaptation of Tim Tharp‘s The Spectacular Now. Then, hot off the success of Summer, Webb got pulled away to do some little superhero movie reboot.

Cut to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival: Smashed became one of the top buzz films of the festival with a critically acclaimed tour de force performance from Mary Elizabeth Winstead and an incredibly raw filmmaking style that put director James Ponsoldt on our must-watch list. So when it was announced that Ponsoldt would be taking over as director on The Spectacular Now, we were excited. And the movie does not disappoint.

The Spectacular Now is everything I hope a Sundance movie to be. It has heart, many laughs, story twists that will jolt you from your seat, and most importantly, the film speaks to a deep truth. It is an honest coming of age film about growing up and facing the great unknown that comes after high school, something we can all remember and relate to. But it tells that story without the forced nostalgia of other Hollywood films.

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Do you want to see a couple generations of today’s stars — Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, and many more — spouting dirty jokes? Then Movie 43, masterminded by Peter “One Half of the Farrelly Brothers” Farrelly, probably has something for you. The red-band trailer has turned into an essential component in marketing the R-rated comedy, and when the comedy is promised as a collection of particularly dirty, foul-mouthed sketches, nothing but the red-band will do.

So here’s a first look at Movie 43, which features over 20 comedy sketches from nearly a dozen directors, and a cavalcade of stars. Some of the stuff is so in line with people’s previous work that it doesn’t even seem transgressive; I think one of the Scary Movies pooped on me, so seeing Anna Faris ask for the same thing is just turnabout/fair play. But seeing Halle Berry in wild mode might be great, and it’s always fun to see Kate Winslet go blue. (Check out Romance & Cigarettes if you’ve never seen it — not a great movie, but lord, does Winslet let go there.)

Be ready for some dirty, but not off-puttingly filthy jokes in the not safe for work trailer below. Read More »

Between American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy, almost half of this post is FX teasers. After the jump:

  • Syfy will reboot the Brit cult sci-fi series Blake’s 7
  • Fox picks up a new comedy by the Parks & Rec team
  • Dwight-centric Office spinoff The Farm begins casting
  • Jessica De Gouw joins The CW’s Arrow as the Huntress
  • See Breaking Bad stars on old episodes of Seinfeld
  • Doctor Who gets a premiere date and a new trailer
  • Watch three more trailers for FX’s Sons of Anarchy
  • See more creepy teasers for American Horror Story

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We’re only one episode into the first half of the final season of Breaking Bad and, if you’re like me, you’re already dreading the end. Vince Gilligan‘s show is so good, so tense and so fun that every episode is like Christmas morning. With meth and murder. Still, every great show has to end and Breaking Bad has eight total episodes this year and then eight total episodes next year before hanging up the lab coat.

The show runner hasn’t decided what he’ll do after that, there’s still lots to do with this show, but one idea he’s floated around is a spin-off centering on Bob Odenkirk‘s sleazy, but smart, lawyer character Saul Goodman.

Read Gilligan’s pitch for the show and more after the jump. Read More »

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