Black Mirror Season 4 NYCC Panel

“We are in competition with the news,” Charlie Brooker, writer/creator/executive producer of the Netflix series Black Mirror, addressed the uncomfortable truth about the drama’s darkest themes Saturday night at New York Comic Con in front of a standing room-only audience.

I always thought it was funny when folks would remark on how far the dystopia would go on the show. To which I would always respond, “This is not unlike the world we live in.” So, I was happy to hear that Brooker agreed that some of the show’s most disturbing plot lines come from reality itself.

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Black Mirror video essay

Charlie Brooker‘s sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror rarely features episodes with happy endings…or any semblance of happiness at all, really. It’s often a relentlessly bleak examination of the worst impulses of humanity, all told under the umbrella of an ominous warning about how our relationship with technology may eventually be the downfall of our society. It’s not the easiest show to watch – this is about as far from comfort food television as it gets.

So, knowing that, why do we watch it at all? And what makes it so dark? That’s the subject of a new video essay, which you can check out below.
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69th Emmy Awards - 2017 Emmy Winners

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards aired on CBS Sunday night with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert serving as master of ceremonies for the prestigious night out with some of television’s finest talents.

The winners were announced live on television, and below we have the full list of those lucky enough to take home an Emmy during the broadcast last night, as well as offering some commentary on the awards from the night of the show. So without further adieu, let’s get to the 2017 Emmy winners. Read More »

Black Mirror Season 4 Photos

Black Mirror has always been an anthology series that pushes the boundaries of reality and social consciousness, and the first look at season 4 guarantees that it will continue to do just that.

One image, from an episode titled “USS Callister,” shows the series boldly going beyond its usual hyper-realistic science fiction with a riff on the long-running sci-fi series, Star Trek. An image from an episode titled “Arkangel” gives viewers a peek at an episode directed by Jodie Foster.

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black mirror season 4 trailer

Black Mirror, the cynical and twisted technology-centric anthology show that’s as addictive as it is emotionally numbing, is returning to Netflix with its fourth season. At some point. No official release date has been set yet, but the first trailer has arrived, teasing six new stories of science fiction, horror, and bad decisions being amplified by technology bringing out the worst in humanity.

And yes, that is Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, and Fargo star Jesse Plemons on the bridge of some kind of Star Trek-esque spaceship. At the very least, the Black Mirror season 4 trailer is promising a batch of stories that are going to tread on some fresh turf.

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black mirror season 4

Black Mirror season 3 was one of my favorite things I watched in 2016 and Netflix is the perfect home for a show so unsettling that you can’t look away (or take breaks between episodes). While the big-hearted and romantic “San Junipero” was the best episode of the entire series so far, it sounds like season 4 will once again deliver the show’s trademark pessimistic outlook on the near future. After all, it was just revealed that one of the episodes is based on a short story written by magician, comedian, and author Penn Jillette that was dark enough to remain unpublished for decades. In other words, it sounds about perfect for Black Mirror.

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black mirror season 4

When we were assembling our list of favorite moments of 2016, it was decided late in the process to exclude television and focus solely on movies. The decision was made to keep the list manageable, but it also meant we didn’t get a chance to pay tribute to the third season of the science fiction anthology series Black Mirror, which contains my absolute favorite piece of pop culture anything to come out of last year: the episode “San Junipero.” While the season had its ups and down, those highs were remarkably, deliciously high. Nothing abuses my soul quite like the pitch-black world of Black Mirror and it always leaves me begging for more.

So it’s only natural that director John Hillcoat, a man whose filmography is built entirely on movies where nasty and awful things happen to just about everyone unfortunate enough to enter the frame, has reportedly signed on to direct an episode of the upcoming fourth season. He’ll fit right in.

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Black Mirror Netflix Vista

There’s always been something kind of ironic about the fact that Black Mirror is consumed through the very same technologies it’s warning us about. We’re watching it on our TVs and laptops and smartphones, and we’re discussing it with other fans on social media. To be fair, Black Mirror‘s message isn’t as simple as “technology is bad” — it’s more like “technology can be bad because human nature can be bad.” But more than once I’ve finished an episode of Black Mirror wanting nothing more than to throw all my devices out the window. Of course, I never actually do it, because then how would I watch the next episode of Black Mirror?

A new Black Mirror promo takes that irony one step further, introducing Netflix Vista — a (fictional) technology that will allow you to stream episodes of Black Mirror straight into your eyeballs. Watch the Black Mirror Netflix Vista short below.  Read More »

black mirror playtest

David and Jeff have an in-depth conversation with director Dan Trachtenberg about his episode of Black Mirror“Playtest.” You can watch Playtest on Netflix now.

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black mirror connections

By now, you’ve probably binge-watched your way through Black Mirror Season 3 and are trying to decide which episode you enjoyed the most. While you’ve been enjoying Charlie Brooker‘s dark science fiction anthology series, you may not have noticed that all of the episodes are actually connected, albeit loosely. And no, I’m not talking about the fact the connected theme about the consequences of technology. I’m talking about actual storyline and character connections.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has noted that “each episode has a different cast, a different setting, even a different reality. But they’re all about the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes’ time if we’re clumsy.” Although recently on a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Booker admitted that they all actually “take place in the same psychological universe” with “sometimes explicit links.” Hit the jump, and we’ll explore the Black Mirror connections.
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