‘Battleship’ Trailer: Fire Your Guns!

Universal and Peter Berg reportedly spent two hundred million on Battleship, and with the official trailer premiere you can start to make a dollar-per-pixel tally of just where that money went. This is more like a chunk of the first big battle sequence in the film rather than a conventional trailer — no hiding the otherworldly bad guys in this one. Check it out below. Read More »

‘Battleship’ Poster and Website Launch

Break out a bottle of champagne and crack it over the bow of the new website for Universal’s big collaboration between Hasbro and Peter Berg. Battleship now has a teaser site and a teaser poster. You will be greatly surprised, I’m sure, to find that the poster features a giant ship and an almost imposing logo. Read More »

Mere days after James Cameron used Peter Berg‘s board game-inspired action movie Battleship as a prime example of the degradation of cinema, one of the film’s stars has leaked some news that sounds worse than it is. Brooklyn Deckar, the model turned actress, who plays a love interest in the film, has been quoted as saying Berg shot “a bunch of alternative endings” and that they’re going back to do reshoots. The big budget action film has been described as “a battle on land, sea and the sky between earth’s forces and attacking aliens,” according to Universal.

Sometimes “reshoots” is a code for “this movie doesn’t work” but, according to Universal, these “reshoots” were built into the principal photograph schedule. There’s a whopping 17 months until the reported $200 million action film is scheduled for release, after all. Read more specifics after the jump. Read More »

Ponder for a moment the irony of James Cameron, whose career has elevated the Roger Corman formula of cliched characters and high-concept premises into billion-dollar mega-success, calling out Peter Berg‘s upcoming Battleship as an example of the story crisis in Hollywood. Then stop pondering and read the director’s full comments after the break. Read More »

Liam Neeson Cast in Peter Berg’s ‘Battleship’


We’ve half-joked about Peter Berg‘s film Battleship, which already boasts a cast including Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Rhianna and Brooklyn Decker. That’s an odd-sounding cast for a mega-budget film about a battle with aliens.

Now a serious name has been added to lend some weight to the cast: Liam Neeson will anchor the picture as Admiral Shane. Read More »

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The first set spy photo has emerged to show Ian McShane in character as Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and to complement that shot there’s a first-look shot from another ocean-going adventure. Our second groups of set pics show Rhianna in costume for Peter Berg‘s Battleship. Larger images and more info after the jump. Read More »

Brooklyn Decker Scores a Role in Battleship


Briefly: Review, if you will, the cast of Peter Berg‘s Battleship as we know it so far. There’s Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights, Wolverine) in the lead as Alex Hopper, the Commanding Officer of a destroyer who is in charge of a team of five trusted shipmates. (Which resportedly include the XO, a female Japanese commander, and a Scotty-like chief engineer.) Alexander Skarsgard plays his brother, “a straight and narrow naval officer whom Kitsch, a wildly spirited naval officer, idolizes. And there’s Rhianna and perhaps Tom Arnold.

Now Victoria’s Secret model Brooklyn Decker, who may be one of the few people less likely than Rhianna to be found on a battleship, is signed on for Berg’s humans vs aliens tentpole. We don’t know much about who she’ll play — in fact, we know almost nothing at all. Latino Review had the casting scoop and Deadline offers that she’ll be “the love interest of Kitsch’s naval officer character.” Since Brian Koppelman and David Levien are writing the current draft, it’s possible that some of the above details have changed slightly. But the film is scheduled to shoot in September, so we’ll probably know a lot more soon.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that the budget of Peter Berg‘s water based epic action adaptation of the board game Battleship has now topped $200 million. Apparently industry insiders are questioning if they can possibly make their money back with a movie based on a board game featuring no big stars. I would argue that Michael Bay’s Transformers had no big stars when it began production: Shia and Megan were not household names. Yet, that film’s budget was even made for an estimated $50 million cheaper and came with a built in rabid fan base. I’m not sure anyone is a fan of the board game, and anxiously awaiting a big screen adaptation.

The article also mentions that Universal’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which opens this weekend, cost $80 million-$90 million (although the studio claims the number at closer to $60 million). Of course, it is almost impossible to report on Hollywood accounting as we’ll never really know the real numbers.

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Hamish Linklater Joins ‘Battleship’

Hamish Linklater

Hamish Linklater (The New Adventures of Old Christine, Fantastic Four) has joined the cast of Peter Berg‘s water based epic action adaptation of the board game Battleship. According to The Wrap, Linklater will play “a brainy scientist named Cal.”

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Rihanna Joins Peter Berg’s Battleship


Variety reports that pop/R&B recording artist Rihanna has joined the cast of Peter Berg‘s water based epic action adaptation of the board game Battleship. While Rihanna’s music has appeared in movies such as Bring It On: All or Nothing, Are We There Yet?, Sydney White, 21, Wild Child, The House Bunny, Beethoven’s Big Break,  I Love You Man, The Hangover and Grand Ma Takedown, this marks her feature film acting debut. There are no further details on what part she will have in the film.

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