After the jump we have a ton of new sequel news bits including:

  • A first look at some of the new Men in Black 3 Aliens
  • Asylum Greenlights Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, the third film in their Mega Shark vs. monster series.
  • Jonathan Liebsman talks about the possibilites in Wrath of the Titans and Battle: Los Angeles Sequels
  • Hammer Working on a follow-up to The Woman in Black

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It’s hard to believe this is some kind of coincidence. On the same weekend a sci-fi invasion film, Battle: Los Angeles, is number one at the box office making a solid $36 million, two major studios pick up major science fiction pitches. Sony has purchased a movie called Agent OX, produced by Battle: LA producer Neil Moritz, which is about a human spy on an alien planet and 20th Century Fox has purchased an untitled sci-fi adventure with McG attached as a producer with an eye on directing. I’d like this think this is some kind of coincidence, just two random acts of chance, but we know better. Hollywood is once again piggybacking off of proven success. Is there a bright side? Read more about both potential films after the jump. Read More »

‘Battle: Los Angeles’ – What Did You Think?

Jonathan Liebesman’s Battle: Los Angeles hits theaters this weekend and it’s a curious beast of a film, a summer blockbuster released in the wintry malaise of March. That being said, it’s probably one of my most anticipated film for quite some time, with a beautiful teaser trailer (embedded below) and a moody, atmospheric marketing campaign that played off of previous, real-life and alleged “alien encounters.”

So did the film live up to its savvy marketing? Was the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning able to create a moody, epic, sci-fi war film? Hit the jump for some brief thoughts and leave your own in the comments. As usual, spoilers are allowed after the jump.
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Last month, fans noticed an interesting detail in the Super Bowl TV spot for J.J. AbramsSuper 8: a film frame showing the date 03/11/11. We speculated at the time that March 11 would be the release date for the first Super 8 trailer, especially as Abrams had previously announced that we could expect to see the trailer around March.

Though we still don’t have official confirmation, new information indicates that our theory was probably correct — and that we can therefore expect to see the Super 8 trailer before Battle: Los Angeles and Red Riding Hood when they open this weekend. Read more after the jump.

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Columbia Pictures has released a new video clip and three television spots and  from their upcoming alien invasion action film Battle: Los Angeles. Watch them all embedded after the jump.
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We thought global warming was heating up the planet, but really it’s Hollywood. They’re making it summer all year long. The first weekend of May is generally considered the beginning of the summer movie season but, as those three months got more and more crowded, that date slowly crept into late April. Now, 2011 changes that like never before.

So many potential blockbusters staked their claim on prime May, June and July 2011 release dates, in some cases, years in advance, Hollywood was forced to change its thinking more than usual. For the next two months, each and every weekend has at least one or two films that, in the past, would have easily been considered summer blockbusters and it all begins this Friday, March 4. So, is it crazy to say that the summer of 2011 begins in March? We don’t think so. Look at the list of films opening between this week and Thor on May 6 and tell us that, in almost any other year, these movies would not be considered summer blockbusters. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Columbia Pictures is teaming with Amazon to present a great deal for those of you who are interested in seeing Battle: Los Angeles on the big screen. If you buy one of 24 select Sony movies on Blu-ray, you will receive a promotional code which you can redeem for a certificate valid for either one admission or one concession reward for Battle: Los Angeles (which you can use anytime between between March 11th and June 1st, 2011 at participating theaters).

And you might expect that a deal like this would require you to purchase some crappy movie you don’t want for some higher-than-normal price. That’s not the case. For example, you could pick up District 9 on Blu-ray for only $11, Ghostbusters or Close Encounters on Blu-ray for only $12. In my neck of the woods (Los Angeles) either of those purchases would be cheaper than the price of a movie ticket on opening weekend.

And that is only 3 of the 24 possible options you can choose from. Hit the jump to see which movies are available:

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At 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, the world got their first glimpse of Jonathan Liebesman‘s Battle: Los Angeles and I was far from impressed. The footage looked slick, but it felt more like a war film than the epic alien invasion movie I was yearning for. Of course, the film was 8 months away at the time and the visual scope was still being developed. Since then, with each and every clip, trailer or commercial that’s been released, my anticipation and expectations have grown. It’s obvious now that Liebesman has blended small war movie characters with huge alien action in a way that has endless potential. Battle: Los Angeles is just under three weeks away and before we find out if it delivers on its promise, we can watch a few short clips from the film that speak to its tension and humanity. Read More »

The Daily What brings us a creepy cosplay photo of the day, featuring Nemo from Finding Nemo (and what is that near his legs?)

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