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One of the underrated moments in recent licensing history was people finally being able to make merchandise from the classic Sixties TV show, Batman. Now you can finally buy officially licensed toys, collectibles, prop replicas and more from the classic show, which starred Adam West and Burt Ward.

The latest pieces of old school Batman merch are these awesome screenprints by artist Tom Whalen. They’ll be on sale exclusively at Comic-Con. Find out more below. Read More »


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Despite a few lackluster efforts, Warner Bros. hasn’t quite managed to set up a Marvel-style DC Cinematic Universe. But whenever they get their act together, they can probably count on Henry Cavill to be game.  In a recent interview, the Man of Steel star expressed his enthusiasm for an idea of a Batman / Superman crossover, declaring it “a great story.” Hit the jump to read his comments.

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UPDATE: Darren Aronofsky commented on Twitter about this work. Read his quote below.

Long before Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins hit theaters, director Darren Aronofsky almost made his own take on Batman. After finishing Requiem For A Dream in 2000, the director was developing a screen adaptation of Frank Miller‘s milestone Batman story Batman: Year One. He co-wrote a screenplay with Miller and began conceiving he look of the film before Warner Bros. pulled the plug in favor of Nolan.

Luckily, things worked out not only for the director, but for Miller, Nolan, and Batman as a character. Still, the dream of an Aronofsky-directed superhero movie continues to elude us. (Don’t forget he was also going to direct The Wolverine before leaving that project.) Now a slew of concept images have come online giving us a tiny glimpse at what the man who’d later direct The Fountain, The Wrestler and Black Swan had in mind for the Caped Crusader. Read More »


It’s got to be fun being Patton Oswalt. He’s got the sort of career that allows him, every once in a while, to take part in something that rides a great line between totally ridiculous and weirdly accurate. Case in point is this college humor video that takes shots at the Christopher Nolan version of Batman, and engages in the old conversation that Frank Miller attempted to silence with The Dark Knight Returns.

Namely, despite a professed aversion to killing, does Batman really know how violent he is? This version of Bats, who faces off against Oswalt’s incarnation of the Penguin, is a little more dim than most. He just can’t grasp the concept of death as a consequence of violence. Fortunately the Penguin is ready to give him a lesson. Read More »

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One of the best movie-related April Fools gags I can remember was from a few years ago: ThinkGeek’s Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag. It was a gross, hilarious idea that got so much attention, Lucasfilm actually allowed the company to make and sell the product.

This year, ThinkGeek is back with another batch of inspired movie related items that you’ll either really want because they’re so clever, or laugh at because they’re so mean. Items such as the Batman Family Car Decal above. Check out more below. Read More »

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Want to see a new image from Man of Steel? What was the inspiration for the new poster from The Wolverine? Which part of Iron Man 3 is Guy Pearce most excited about? Has Tom Hiddleston talked to Joss Whedon about The Avengers 2? How did the actor change Loki for Thor: The Dark World? Does The Amazing Spider-Man 2 need circus performers? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »

Want to see a new image of Superman and Lois Lane from Man of Steel? Where can you read a new version of the Batman origin? Will Mary Jane and Gwen meet in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? When will the Thor: The Dark World trailer premiere? Does Jim Carrey know about Guardians of the Galaxy? Which superhero has the worst villains? And who might be the main villain in X-Men Days of Future Past? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits. Read More »

Rumor: Batman May Not Hit Screens Again Until Around 2019

In the film world, Marvel and DC are starting to look like a hoary old western stereotype: brothers who share the same basic qualities, but take very different life paths. Marvel is the one that grows up to be the priest, or the hero: successful, moving forward, respectable. DC is the outlaw, the one who tries quick schemes to jump-start success, with no long-term plan.

Warner Bros. is really fostering the perception that the studio has no idea how to handle its DC properties. Handing Superman to Zack Snyder was a risky move that looks like it might have paid off, if the early footage is a useful gauge. (It rarely is, as anyone who loved, say, the Prometheus trailer can attest. But we remain optimistic.) Nothing else is looking as promising. Nolan’s Batman is done. Green Lantern was a non-starter. Wonder Woman and The Flash are still incubating.

Efforts to make a Marvel-style team film with Justice League have been shaky. Despite the fact that WB hasn’t established a cadre of solo heroes along the lines of Marvel’s lineup, the studio was trying to jump-start a team movie. Key word there may be “was,” as the pervasive rumor is that the Will Beall script for Justice League has been scrapped, setting the project back a few steps.

Furthermore, WB may not make a real decision on Justice League until after the release of Man of Steel. If Snyder’s Superman reboot does well, there’ll be one set of branching paths: do three Superman movies and build up to Justice League, or put the team movie into action quick? If it tanks, there will be other paths.

And what of Batman? Plans were to introduce the new Batman in Justice League, then give him another solo film series. Fearful of destroying what Nolan built, the studio may now wait to reboot Batman without letting Justice League have its way with him, and until after Superman gets his time in the sun. That means quite a few years may pass before the character hits screens again.

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