Christian Bale Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight Saga truly comes to a close this week with the Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Owning all three films, in one set, packed with extras feels like the final stage on a trip we took beginning in 2005 with the release of Batman Begins. Of course, Nolan’s journey started before that, when he made the important decision to cast Christian Bale as the Caped Crusader.

A clip of an extra from the Blu-ray set is now online that shows footage from Bale’s audition tape. That’s cool enough in itself. But, because the Batman Begins suit had not been designed yet, the actor wore the Sonar Batsuit Val Kilmer wore in Batman Forever. And he acted against Amy Adams. Check that out below, along with an image of Begins co-star Cillian Murphy auditioning for the role. Read More »


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Fan Made Batman Forever Batmobile

In August we featured a fan built replica of The Tumbler from Batman Begins/The Dark Knight . That design was built by Bob Dullam, with help from his sculptor partner Bob Causey. Well now Causey is showing off his ride, created with help from Dullam, a driveable replica of the Batmobile from Batman Forever. More photos, and even a video, after the jump.

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VOTD: Battle of the Batmans

Battle of the Batmans by Black20

The Pitch: Four Batmans wear the cape, but in Gotham City, there can only be one. Cut together using footage from all the contemporary Batman movies. Thanks to /Film reader Matthew S for the tip.

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