With Inception, The Prestige and each of his Batman films, Christopher Nolan has firmly established himself as one of the rare filmmakers working today who can not only produce complex, character-driven entertainment on the studio’s dime, but can command an audience while doing it.

Women viewers, though, would be forgiven for dismissing themselves from that audience, for reasons that likely hadn’t even occurred to Nolan’s male fanbase. Read More »


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VOTD: Batman Begins With Danny Elfman Score

I think almost everyone loves Danny Elfman‘s original Batman theme music. /Film reader Matt G passes along this video which edits Elfman’s awesome Batman score into the police chase from Batman Begins. For those of you interested to see the fusion of visuals from the Nolanverse and the music of the Burtonverse, you can watch the video embedded after the jump.
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Update: Warner Bros has since contacted Tim clarifying that Nolan doesn’t own/use this golf cart. It was apparently created by a Batman superfan who works on the lot. Original story follows:

Christopher Nolan has been working hard to lock a final cut of his latest movie Inception. /Film reader Tim G spotted Nolan’s custom Tumbler-styled golf cart that gets him around the Warner Bros lot. I can’t imagine Nolan, dressed all proper in a suit, running around the lot in this monster… but apparently he does.

For those of you who don’t know, movie studio lots are usually pretty large and studio employees use golf carts to get around as there is a lot of walking from one office to another or from one office to one of the stages. Tim tells me that  Nolan’s custom Tumbler golf cart even features sound effects from the actual tumbler. No word on if fire blazes out of the jet engine in the back.

James Cameron on MTV
MTV recently sat down with director James Cameron, and the result is a bunch of interesting, but not necessarily newsworthy, bits. I’ve embedded some of the more interesting video clips after the jump.

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Neckface Movie Trailer


Rising to prominence in the street art scene throughout the early aughts and now bustling inside the mainstream with shoe deals and bewildered news reports, the California artist known as Neckface is a fascinating subject. For one, much of his art was and remains illegal via the defacing of billboards and buildings with “Neckface” spray-painted in a signature, Satan-evoking scrawl.

And, as with the Batman Begins billboard below, which he famously altered to become “Neckface Begins!,” his tags tend to punctuate graffiti featuring decrepit, bat-like demons and bloodied, diseased derelicts. A new, all-access documentary on Neckface—who remains largely anonymous—is currently rolling from director Ty Evans, the co-director along with Spike Jonze of the skate vid Yeah Right! We’ve got the doc’s first trailer after the jump, plus NF’s new, gallery-approved take on Predator. His fresh take on Freddy Krueger hovers above.

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In this special episode of the /Filmcast, Dan Trachtenberg from The Totally Rad Show joins David Chen to geek out about their favorite soundtracks. To listen to all of the songs that Dan mentioned during this episode in their entirety, click here to go to Grooveshark. To listen to all of the songs that Dave Chen mentioned during this episode, click here.

Like what you hear? Want to hear similar episodes in the future? Send feedback to slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com or call and leave a voicemail at 781-583-1993. One correction to note: the last track that is played, “Fantasia on a Theme By Thomas Tallis” was composed by Ralph Vaughn Williams. Eugene Ormany, who we mention, conducts the orchestral performance.

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Update: Some people have reported experiencing audio problems with this sound file. Please try downloading the file to your computer, rather than playing it in your browser. That should fix the problem (If it does not, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below). Thanks!
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Batmobile For Sale

The Batmobile from Batman Returns is being auctioned off at the 38th annual Kruse International Auction, which will be held on Labor Day weekend in Auburn, Indiana. The car is #3 of 5 Batmobiles actually used on screen during the film.

“Other less valuable non-movie promotional Batmobiles have sold for as much as $550,000.00! This authentic movie masterpiece is expected to bring a record price. The Warner Bros. & DC Comics sales approval agreement clearly authenticates that this is the number “3” “Movie” Batmobile. All interested Batmobile bidders should notify Kruse International 1- 800 968-4444 ASAP. This is your chance of a lifetime to become the owner of this awesome piece of movie history. BILL OF SALE ONLY FROM WARNER BROTHERS.”

More than $550,000? Yeah, that’s out of my price range. But you, millionaire /Film readers (I know you must be out there somewhere, right?), can learn more on

Cool Stuff: Fan Built Tumbler Working Replica

Bob Dullam built a full size working replica of The Tumbler from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The whole thing was built from scratch without blueprints, using only photo references found online. The total cost is an estimated $50,000-$70,000. He did the project for fun, and does not plan to sell. “You wouldn’t want to sell this if you had one, believe me,” Bob writes

“It’s a once in a lifetime project. I did this alone, no help. I have found with other things in the past that if you have help, the help often does not get it right, and you have to do it over 95% of the time, plus I like to work alone. All parts are scratch built, cept’ tires, rims, brakes, engine, etc.. meaning all bodyparts, brackets, just about everything external on the car.”

There is still more work to do. The interior is not finished, but Bob promises that it will look as close to the interior shots from Batman Begins as possible.

“It feels like climbing Mt. Everest half way up, you start to wounder if this wasn’t a big mistake. Then you realize that you are too far to quit. In fact, quitting is now not an option. Because if you do quit, you will have set a precedence about yourself, and all up to this point will become a huge disaster. You get a little farther, now you look down and view is breathtaking. So on an emotional level this car is giving back to you, what you gave to it. It makes you start to think that, If you can do this, then you can make anything happen if you really want to. It revitalizes faith in yourself. This is not supposed to be possible. Not at this social/economic level.”

Up next, Bob wants to build a Batpod. From what I understand, the bike from the movie was actually impracticably engineered, and only one guy in the world was able to ride it. Hopefully Bob decides to modify the original designs a bit for usability. And yes, he’s already begun work on a Batsuit. So if you see a vigilante dressed as Batman riding the tumbler on the nightly news, we know it’s just Bob.

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