You might remember that not long ago Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld was said to be secretly developing a film based on a big comic book property. Now the cat might be out of the bag, and if reports are correct, Sonnenfeld is working on a movie based on DC’s team The Metal Men. Read More »

Barry Sonnenfeld isn’t bothered by all the negative press around his latest film, Men in Black 3. According to reports, Sonnenfeld’s return to directing after about five years was a runaway train of rising costs, script problems and on-set drama. None of that matters to the director because the movie speaks for itself. Men in Black 3 is finally out May 25 (read our review here) and Sonnenfeld is confident audiences will eat up his crowd-pleasing summer blockbuster featuring the on-screen return of Will Smith, back after a four-year hiatus, and both Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin in the same role.

/Film has the pleasure of speaking with Sonnenfeld about his latest MIB film and, after the jump, you can watch the full video. We discuss the New York Mets, some of the more surprising visuals in the film, Will Smith’s input on the set and story, the controversy over script changes, the fact its not a Big Willie Weekend release with Big Willie song….and vagina. Yes, that’s right. Check it out below. Read More »

For the past year, Men in Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld and comic book writer Grant Morrison have been working on a graphic novel called Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens that will eventually be turned into a movie. The idea was to tell the “true story” of how dinosaurs became extinct as a massive “photorealistic CG movie in 3D.”

With Sonnenfeld doing press for MIB3, he’s answered a few questions about the monster mash-up including the latest on its development as well as the question on everyone’s mind: how the heck do aliens and dinosaurs communicate? Read more after the jump. Read More »

When Barry Sonnenfeld‘s Men in Black 3 was in production, much was made of behind the scenes problems. Reports circulated that it began filming without a full script, production stopped for months on end and scenes were written on the day. No matter to what degree those reports were true or false, the final product definitely feels like a film searching for its identity in those same ways. It wobbles out of the start gate, almost drops out of the race, then finds its footing and finishes strong.

Leaps and bounds better than Men in Black II and featuring many of the traits that mad the 1997 original a hit, Men in Black III is better than you’re expecting but not as good as you’d hoped. Read More »

Later this week, you’ll be able to watch my 10 minute video interview with director Barry Sonnenfeld on the topic of his latest film, Men in Black 3. The interview took place about three weeks ago so we mainly discussed the film itself, some of the controversy behind it and more. One topic that doesn’t get breached is what Sonnenfeld is doing next and, in an interview with Comic Book Movie, he gave a very surprising answer. He said he’s been talking to Warner Bros. about directing a comic book film based on a property that hasn’t been around since the Sixties.

Read his quote and more after the jump. Read More »

Lots to see in today’s Sequel Bits, including a DVD featurette, a blooper reel, a TV spot, posters, and a (not at all revealing) set photo. After the jump:

  • Another new TV spot debuts for Men in Black 3
  • Gary Busey goes nuts in Piranha 3DD outtakes
  • Watch a featurette from the Underworld: Awakening DVD
  • Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto tweet wrapping Star Trek 2
  • Check out the Korean G.I. Joe: Retaliation posters
  • Donnie Yen is set to return for Ip Man 3D
  • Who wants to be an extra on Atlas Shrugged Part 2?

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Men in Black 3, which opens in May, has a convoluted history. Conceptualized back during the production of the second film, MiB3 started to shoot last year, but began rolling cameras with a script that was only partially finished, and a schedule that featured an extensive break to work out how the last two thirds of the movie would go.

That led to some unpredictable PR for the movie, and Sony has been trying to assure audiences that the third outing of Agents J and K (Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, with Josh Brolin as the young K) will play in the same cartoonishly entertaining manner of the first film.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld is starting to promote the sequel, and in a new interview he inadvertently sheds some light on one of the difficulties that might have faced this particular script: it had to not only do something new with the characters, deal with time travel and wrap up a loose story that had spanned three films. It also has designs on setting up an all-new series of films. Read More »

This edition of sequel bits has something for almost everyone. We’ve got the tweet girls, we’ve got the teen guys, we’ve got the family crowd, pet lovers and the horror crowd. After the jump read about the following:

  • Barry Sonnenfeld confirmed that Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are both aliens in MIB 3.
  • Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez will likely be back for Machette Kills 
  • Michael Madsen says he’s back for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.
  • A new poster has been revealed for Piranha 3DD.
  • The third (there was a second?) Beverly Hills Chihuahua film just got a release date.
  • John Hawkes talks about preparing for Switch, a Jackie Brown prequel

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Yesterday morning, when I looked at the latest trailer for Barry Sonnenfeld‘s Men in Black 3, I noticed something that seemed weird. A lot of other people noticed it too: a shot in which there appeared to be a green screen that featured no CG shot composited into the placeholder space. I looked at the shot a couple times, but wasn’t able to see it on a full-size screen, and at first it really seemed as if the editors assigned to cut together the trailer had used a very unfinished shot.

In truth, the shot is done; it merely looks unfinished, because the particular green color that is often chosen to use as a color to ‘key out’ is also a great color to use for the liquid (or perhaps gas) in which an alien could float. Check out a couple images below that debunk this very minor trailer mystery. Read More »

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  • MIB3 helmer says shooting with an incomplete script was either “genius” or “really stupid”
  • Vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road revealed
  • Benedict Cumberbatch says lovely things about his Star Trek 2 colleauges
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 may have a new title
  • Percy Jackson casts stars from Community, Reno 911!, and Dodgeball
  • Chris Tucker is not so excited for Friday 4

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