In 2011, illustrator Wayne Dorrington hit the pop culture conscious with his Star Wars Iconoscopes. Reimaging the original trilogy as almost a hieroglyphic, his pieces went viral and announced him an artist to keep an eye on. He’s just started a brand new series of posters based on great films of the 1980s and what better film to start off with than Back to the Future?

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Almost thirty-years since its release and Back to the Future remains as popular as ever. Whether its Blu-ray box sets, Mondo posters or fan creations, we still can’t get enough of Marty McFly, Doc Brown and that time-traveling Delorean.

On that note, today is a day to rejoice for all of those Back to the Future fans still clamoring for merchandise from the franchise. Lego has officially approved, and will produce, the above Back to the Future Delorean set created on their very-own Kickstarter-esque page, Lego Cuusoo. On that site, fans design and create Legos and once 10,000 other fans endorse it, it officially goes before the Lego review board. Thursday, Lego officially announced this set had been approved for 2013 release.

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When Mondo revealed they’d be doing Back to the Future posters, it was enough to get even the casual fan excited. But that was in March. They’ve finally revealed the second poster in the series and it’s by Mark Englert, a name that’s familiar to Alien or Breaking Bad fans but a newcomer to the Mondo roster. It’s of one of the iconic scenes in the film, the first time the DeLorean jumps to 1955 but – what makes it really special – is that its glow in the dark element shows exactly that. And then the variant is even more geeky. Check out the posters after the jump. Read More »

Marty McFly hops in his Delorean, shoots up a bunch of people, maybe robs a bank and sets off down the street. The cops are on his tail. He drops his foot on the accelerator, gets up to 88 mph and jumps through time. See ya later coppers.

That’s obviously not a plot from any kind of officially licensed Back to the Future story, just a possible reality in this insane custom modification of Grand Theft Auto IV for PC. Modder SeedyROM went into the game and not only perfectly recreated the Delorean, he gave it the ability to travel back in time based on time circuits and the possession of plutonium. It’s a sight to be seen. Check out the video below. Read More »

In 2010, A California man named Matthew Riese raised $5,644 on Kickstarter to build a hovercraft version of the Back to the Future DeLorean time machine. On August 10th, Riese’s dream became a reality and Doc Brown’s creation finally was able to show off real hover technology as it debut at McCovey Cove outside AT&T Park and the San Francisco Giants game. Watch a video clip from the baseball telecast embedded after the jump.
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Today’s Sequel Bits is full of fighters, whether they be well-meaning brutes, cuddly panda bears, starving teenagers, or ’80s action stars. After the jump:

  • Jennifer Lawrence will make a whole lot of money for Catching Fire
  • Mickey Rourke is in talks to reprise play Marv again for Sin City 2
  • DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda 3 will be a Chinese co-production
  • Broken Lizard guy says Super Troopers 2 could shoot this year
  • Expendables 2 brings you a motorcycle crashing into a chopper
  • Frank Marshall still has no plans for more Back to the Future

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Fifteen plus new posters by eleven different artists with up to four different drops a day.  Mondo has truly upped their game for San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Last year was the first time the poster boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse ever attended the Super Bowl of pop culture and they were forced to throw everything together in two weeks. This year, a full year of prep and effort has been put into the event and while most of what they have planned is secret, we got some teases and logistics from Mondo’s creative director Justin Ishmael as well as a hint at what’s going on in the coming year with Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and more. After the jump, read more about what’s sure to be one of the busiest booths at Comic-Con. Read More »

It’s oddly fitting that the actor who played Biff Tannen doesn’t really talk about Back to the Future. Biff was the outcast in the films, the villain, always plotting and the butt of the joke, sometimes literally. That actor, Tom Wilson, now makes his living doing stand up comedy and music and because he gets asked about the classic trilogy so often, he’s apparently created a card he hands to people that answers all the same questions he gets asked over and over again. Check it out below. Read More »

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