My biggest regret of the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival is that I did not see the Edgar Wright-produced Joe Cornish-directed Attack The Block. By all accounts, Attack was the must-see highest positive-buzz film shown in Austin last week. And since I can’t personally attest to the film’s awesomeness, I’ll include some spoiler-free pull quotes about the movie after the jump. What esle might you find after the jump? How about an exclusive look at the film’s quad poster!

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There has been a minor argument going on today over the film Attack the Block, which showed at SXSW and drew raves from a great many critics and audience members. The argument is minor because relatively few people have seen the film, but it could have some impact on how you see it. Specifically, there has been talk that Attack the Block, which takes place in a South London housing project and features some pretty heavy accents, might be subtitled for US release. Read More »

We’re going to see a lot of alien attacks onscreen this year. One of the standouts could be Attack the Block from Joe Cornish, which shows what happens when beasties from outer space make their Earth landing near a South London council estate — i.e. the projects.

There is some reason to expect good stuff here, as Joe Cornish is a long-time associate of Edgar Wright and was the director’s writing partner on the screenplays for Tintin and Ant Man. Attack the Block is premiering soon at SXSW then opening in the UK. The first trailer is now online and you can check it out, along with some first screening reports, after the break. Read More »

SXSW Midnight Features and Short Programs Announced

The film program at South By Southwest (SXSW) has really come into its own over the past few years — SXSW is becoming an impressive little film fest in addition to being a massive music party. The lineups for Midnight features and shorts have been announced, and there are some good premieres in there. Attack the Block, from Joe Cornish, will have a world premiere, while Hobo With a Shotgun and James Wan‘s Insidious will show up as well. And the films that most of us haven’t heard of sound pretty great, too. If I was at the fest I’d have my ass planted in a seat for every one of these at midnight. Screw the parties — the crazy genre films are the way to go.

The fill list of features is after the break. The shorts program is massive, and you can find it at the SXSW website. Read More »

I was surprised to hear last year that Francis Ford Coppola had quietly gone into production on a gothic dream/nightmare horror story called Twixt Now and Sunrise. I’m a hell of a lot more surprised to hear that Dan Deacon is scoring it. Dan Deacon is a guy whose basic appearance will cause anyone who casually spits out the word ‘hipster’ to recoil in horror. But he’s one of the best goddamn performers I’ve seen in a while, with the ability to squeeze wild noises out of analog electronics and an enviable knack for manipulating audiences.

None of which seems to gel at all with what we know about Mr. Coppola’s dream inspired film that stars Val Kilmer, Elle Fanning, Ben Chaplin, Alden Ehrenreich and Bruce Dern. That just makes me all the more curious. I don’t see how the sounds we’re used to hearing from Deacon would work, but I don’t consider him limited to that sound, either. So this could be some all-new magic. Can’t wait to find out. The pair also reportedly have another, larger project in the works. [Pitchfork]

After the break, Edgar Wright’s cohort Joe Cornish gets some Basement Jaxx tunes for Attack the Block (that’s the first still, above), and Craig Wedren scores David Wain’s latest. Read More »

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I’ve been tracking Attack the Block pretty closely so far, and providing I can keep the scent, I’ll be up its backside until the premiere. According to director Joe Cornish, the film is “a lean, mean action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien creatures” and “a comic book fantasy set where you’d least expect to find one”. I’ve made comparisons to Shaun of the Dead, but somebody rather more close to the production has told me it’s a bit more like the first twenty minutes of Clockwork Orange meets The Warriors.

At last, we’ve got a confirmed list of members of the film’s cast and crew. This not only includes Nick Frost and Luke Treadaway, as I’ve previously mentioned, but also Jodie Whittaker of Venus and Perrier’s Bounty. The other announced names are all newcomers. After the break I’ll dish a little on the roles these actors have been given, plus plenty more spoiler-free info.

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Coming out of the European Film Market  is our first piece of Attack the Block sales art – sampled above but revealed in its entirety and complete with tagline below the break – and an expanded synopsis for Joe Cornish‘s film, “this year’s Shaun of the Dead“. There’s really not much spoiled by the new outline, but if you’re particularly keen to go into this movie knowing as little as possible, you may prefer to stick with the previous, less detailed synopsis, or perhaps just avoid them both outright.

Before we get to the EFM news, though, there’s a couple of other tidbits on the film that we haven’t yet covered – including the first ‘name’ casting.

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Attack the Block is set to be the directorial debut of Joe Cornish, a south London comedy-action film that will pitch a gang of yoots against an alien invasion. Until now it has flown pretty much under the radar, which is strange in this post-Aint it Cool universe, and I was tempted to leave it that way and let it creep up on you until I remembered what my job was.

Cornish, if you don’t know, is one half of the British comedy duo Adam and Joe, who currently produce one of the best BBC Radio shows, and has co-written both the first Tintin picture and the proposed Ant Man movie with Edgar Wright.

I’ve managed to compile some juicy new information and a drop or two of informed speculation on the picture, and assembled it all after the break.

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Joe Cornish to Attack the Block


Joe Cornish is lining up his directorial debut for Film4. Attack the Block is going to be a “teen action film” about South London hoodies forced to set up to save the day when aliens attack”. Film4 previously developed Shaun of the Dead, before the film was eventually carried into production by Working Title, and I can imagine this film will have a similar tone in many respects.

Indeed, Cornish has written with Shaun’s Edgar Wright before, on both the Tintin screenplay and Wright’s in-development Ant Man. His day job, or at least the role for which he is still best known in the UK, is as the Joe half of Adam and Joe, teaming up with Dominic Frisby-alike Adam Buxton to present radio shows and, back in the day, spoof movies with stuffed toys and the like.

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