Kevin Feige

While promoting Thor 2 in London, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige took a few minutes to chat about some other Marvel movies coming down the pipeline — namely, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

Although Vin Diesel‘s recent antics had fans assuming he was a lock for Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, Feige clarifies exactly where the actor stands right now. Additionally, he comments on the Ant-Man speculation surrounding Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd — just as another new rumor suggests that Rashida Jones could play Ant-Man’s lady love. Hit the jump for Feige’s comments plus the latest buzz on the Wasp.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Internet has been all a-flutter over last night’s news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd were the top picks to lead Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man, but now it seems we can cross one of those names off. In an interview today, Gordon-Levitt dismissed the talk as mere “rumors.”

Meanwhile, Wright maybe, possibly, indirectly referenced the report in a cryptic new tweet that reveals nothing at all. Hit the jump to read his comments.

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Ant-Man 1

What sort of movie is Edgar Wright planning to make with Ant-Man, and who’ll he get to play the lead?

Coming from Wright, whose films all feature a mix of action and comedy, and given his fun and energetic demo reel for the character, it’s no surprise to see that there’s likely a real comic slant to the film. Or that’s the impression given by the current two-name shortlist for the lead role. The two names reportedly in real contention to play Ant-Man are Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who, realistically, seems to be in contention for many roles of this type) and Paul Rudd. Read More »

Ant-Man 1

The World’s End has truly ended. After opening in most markets across the world, writer/director Edgar Wright has finished promoting the fantastic film and can move onto his next project. That next thing, as we all know, is the kickoff to Marvel’s Phase Three: the Summer 2015 release Ant-Man. A couple months ago Wright completed a short test reel, which was first shown at Comic-Con 2012, but he just took to Twitter to tease more work on the film with an exciting new image. Check it out below. Read More »

ANTMAN_Logos_05-with subhead-3

We’re going to see Edgar Wright‘s Marvel movie a few months earlier than originally planned. Ant-Man, the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, was originally set for release on November 5, 2015. It has now been moved up to July 31, 2015. That’s about two months after Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters plus it’ll no longer directly compete with the 24th James Bond film and Peanuts animated film.

With Ant-Man moving from Fall to the Summer, Disney now has four confirmed titles with Summer 2015 release dates: Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, Inside Out on June 19, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 on July 10 and now this. That leaves very little Summer room for Star Wars Episode VII and helps support the idea that Disney will bump that film back to Winter. Read More »

Edgar Wright Arclight

Back when Edgar Wright first signed on for Ant-Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t really a thing. Iron Man hadn’t come out yet, and The Avengers was no more than a twinkle in Kevin Feige’s eye.

But a lot’s changed since then, and Ant-Man‘s had to evolve with it. The script, by Wright and Joe Cornish, recently underwent some fine-tuning to better fit it into the now tightly interconnected movie franchise. Still, Wright maintains that his superhero flick will be “pretty standalone” with regard to the MCU.

Hit the jump to read his thoughts. Plus, he offers a minor update on another upcoming project of his, a straight horror film.

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ANTMAN_Logos_05-with subhead-3

In the comics, Ant-Man invents Ultron, but that will not be the case in the movies. Though Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron will open seven months before Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man, the two characters won’t link up and for good reason. In a new interview, Wright explained the success, or failure, of many superhero movies hinges on keeping the story focused. In this case, it being the first Ant-Man film, his comments suggest it’ll be in the mold of Jon Favreau’s first Iron Man and focus solely on the main character, deriving a villain from his world, not independently. Read his quotes below. Read More »

Simon Pegg Ant Man Header

Update: We have an update at the bottom of the story.

Last month, Vin Diesel got tongues wagging when he uploaded an image of himself posing next to a certain comic book cover at the Marvel offices. This month, Simon Pegg is pulling the same move.

The Brit actor has tweeted several photos of himself visiting Marvel and posing with various props, like a Hulk statue and a Thor hammer. But most intriguing of all is the pic of Pegg pointing to an image of Ant-Man — a character that, as we all know, will be brought to life in 2015 by Pegg’s longtime friend and collaborator Edgar Wright.

So does this mean Wright’s already found his lead? Hit the jump to check out the photo and join us as we speculate wildly.

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