With everyone sleeping off the end of Sundance and taking a breather after the Superman casting announcement, there isn’t a lot of big casting news today. But here are a couple of quick hits. First up, there’s word that Abbie Cornish (Bright Star, Sucker Punch) has joined the cast of Whisperings and Lies, which was once called Rhapsody.

Bruce Beresford will direct the film about composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff, and the understanding is that the focus will be on a love triangle he had with two women, likely his wife (and cousin) Natalia Satina and muse/singing protege Nina Koshetz. Abbie Cornish is reportedly set for one of those two roles, though we don’t know the specific one. Being happy that she’s got another film is good enough for me right now. More details as we hear back from reps. [Bleeding Cool]

After the break, Barbara Streisand mothers Seth Rogen (at last!) and Katherine Heigl gets to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Read More »


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Yesterday there was news that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds would re-team with their The Proposal director Anne Fletcher and screenwriter Peter Chiarelli to make Most Wanted, an action comedy pitch recently picked up by Universal .

In a different year this wouldn’t have seemed like much more than a casting news blip but, you know, Bullock just won an Oscar. So jumping right back into the romantic action comedy pool seems like kid’s stuff now. Her agent agrees, and says the project is a possibility, at best. Read More »