Conan the Barbarian

There’s a new Arnold Schwarzenegger film coming out next week, and next summer the action star will be back in one of his iconic roles for the new Terminator movie. If producers have their way, however, by that time Schwarzenegger will have already played Conan once more. Producers of The Legend of Conan, the long rumored sequel to the iconic ’80s sword and sandal epics, believe filming will begin in Spring 2015. Read the Legend of Conan movie quotes below. Read More »


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A significant step has finally been taken in the development of Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s return to the days of high adventure. Universal Pictures has hired Andrea Berloff to write the screenplay for The Legend of Conan, the sword and sandal sequel which will continue the story from the Conan films of the 1980s. Berloff is best known for writing Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, but she also penned the American remake of Sleepless Night as well as a few other male-centric, in-development projects including the NWA biopic, Straight Outta Compton. She’s a screenwriter on the verge of the big time. Read More »

Briefly: Last time we heard about the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton was only days ago, when director John Singleton said that he’s been talking to former N.W.A member Ice Cube about directing the film. But he may not be the only person in line for the job.

Vulture says that F. Gary Gray, Peter Berg and Craig Brewer are all on the list at New Line. First reaction to that list is that Craig Brewer might be a great choice. Based on what I’m hearing about Footloose, he’s about to make believers out of a lot of former naysayers like myself. (I’ve been a naysayer about Footloose, that is; I’ve liked Brewer’s other films.) F. Gary Gray isn’t a compelling choice, given his very inconsistent output, and Peter Berg seems like the wild card. He could probably have the job if he wants it, and might do well with it as a break after the big-budget Battleship. Sadly, I’d be tempted to say that all three of these guys are probably a better choice than late-model Singleton. But this is the sort of story that could easily make Singleton and/or Gray step up in a big way, so I wouldn’t cross anyone off the list yet.

Will John Singleton Direct the N.W.A Movie?

If one were to assemble a shortlist of possible directors for Straight Outta Compton, the mooted N.W.A biopic, one of the obvious choices would be John Singleton. Well, the John Singleton of Boyz n the Hood, at least; perhaps not the Singleton of Abduction. If you did put Singleton high on the list to make the N.W.A. film, you wouldn’t be alone; evidently Ice Cube has approached him to make the picture. Read More »


The story of LA rap group N.W.A is a fairly short one, and has been told already through the best means available — their records and the songs and albums that members released after the group started to disintegrate. But what the hell, let’s get a biopic together, anyway. Straight Outta Compton, titled after N.W.A’s breakout album from 1988, will seek to tell the tale of N.W.A’s rise and fall. And why not hire someone who seems, on the surface, like the least likely screenwriter to get things going? So Andrea Berloff, who wrote Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, is drafting the script. Read More »

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