American Vandal season 2

Who did the dicks? It’s a question that’s been burning its way across the internet ever since last month’s release of the first season of American Vandal, Netflix’s satirical mockumentary series that pokes fun at true crime properties like Serial, Making a Murderer, The Keepers, and The Jinx. And now there’s good news for those who are looking for another deep dive into the mysterious underbelly of Hanover High School’s students: American Vandal season 2 has just been officially announced, and it’s coming to Netflix next year. Check out a quick announcement video below.
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American Vandal trailer

With Making a Murderer, Amanda Knox, and The Keepers, Netflix has fully embraced the true crime documentary format in a big way, and those projects generated significant buzz surrounding the streaming service.

At first glance, their new docu-series American Vandal looks like another project that fits alongside the aforementioned docs, but it wasn’t long before I realized this show – which, yes, centers on spray-painted penis drawings – is actually Netflix’s way of satirically mocking the very format it’s seemingly leaned into in the past few years.
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